Hillclimb and Sprint Association
an MSA recognised club
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Competitors (and loved ones!) are welcome to provide photos to appear on this page to either fill in the gaps or replace photos from our archives with something a little more flattering! Please contact us here for details of how to send in their photos. We do our best to match the correct names to faces to cars but mistakes can happen so if you spot one please let us know and we'll get it fixed.

Barry  Connolly

Class A1 - FIAT Panda 100HP

Peter  Hodson

Class A1 - Smart car Roadster

Matthew  Searle

Class A1 - VW Lupo

Richard  Stephens

Class A1 - Peugeot 106 Rallye

Leigh  Andrews

Class A2 - MAZDA RX8

Geoff  Hedges

Class A2 - Renault Clio 172 Cup

Richard  Jenkinson

Class A2 - Renault Sport Clio 172 Cup

John  Brookes

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX-5

Paul  Herbert

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Mk1

Nigel  Hodson

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Sport

Ken  Morris

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 Merlot Sports

Alan  Mugglestone

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Nick  Mugglestone

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Jim  Stevens

Class A2.1 - Mazda Eunos

Tony  Thomas

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5 mk3

Michael  Tindale

Class A2.1 - Mazda MX5

Robert  Lancaster-Gaye

Class A3 - Porsche 996 GT3

Mark  Laws

Class A3 - BMW Mini Cooper Works "S"

Brian  Marshall

Class A3 - Porsche 944 Turbo

James  Nolan

Class A3 - Subaru Turbo 2000

Adam  Pemble

Class A3 - Toyota Celica GT-Four

Richard  Abraham

Class B1 - Westfield SEi

John  Bradshaw

Class B1 - Sylva Striker Mk2

Stu  Hill

Class B1 - Westfield SEi 4age

John  Palmer

Class B1 - Westfield SE

Mike  Smith

Class B1 - Sylva Striker

Colin  Way

Class B1 - Westfield SEIw

Ed  Bradshaw

Class B2 - Hawk 289 FIA

Matthew  Eady

Class B2 - Ginetta G4

Bob  Gale

Class B2 - Westfield SEi W

Mike  Gale

Class B2 - Westfield SEi W

Robert  Pallett

Class B2 - Ginetta G33

Martin  Depper

Class C1 - Rover Mini Cooper

Ben  Hamer

Class C1 - Austin Morris Mini Clubman

Wil  Ker

Class C1 - Austin Mini

Ivan  Russell

Class C1 - Ford Anglia 105E

Chris  Flavell

Class C2 - Peugeot 205 Gti

Tony  Hart

Class C2 - Renault 5 GT Turbo

Phil  Skipp

Class C2 - Vauxhall Astra GSI

Tony  Thomas

Class C2 - Ford Escort Mk2

Paul  Webster

Class C2 - Mazda MX5

Geoffrey  Kershaw

Class C3 - Ford Sierra

Graham  Beale

Class D - Ginetta G33

Jeremy  Bulmer

Class D - Raw Striker

Matt  Hillam

Class D - SBD Westfield S2000

martin  jones

Class D - raw striker

Eric  Morrey

Class D - Clan Crusader

Adam  Phelps

Class D - Aries Locost

John  Phelps

Class D - Aries Locost

Steve  Spiers

Class D - Westfield SEi W

Martin  Watts

Class D - Sylva Riot R1

Hugh  Whitcomb

Class U2 - Morris Mini Cooper saloon

Alasdair  Mercer

Class F - Force LM

Lindsay  Mercer

Class F - Force LM

Andrew  Short

Class F - OMS SC1

Nick  Stephens

Class F - Ginetta G12

Tony  Thomas

Class F - Ginetta G20

Clive  Wooster

Class F - Radical SR4 sports racing

Gordon  Hick

Class H - Megapin Mk 3

Mike  Jeffs

Class H - Jedi Mk 2

Nick  Jeffs

Class H - Jedi Mk 2

Dennis  Troman

Class H - KBS Mk.4 single seater

Simon  Andrews

Class I - OMS 2000M 

Richard  Arrowsmith

Class I - Force Force PC Suzuki GSXR 1000

Steven  Filkin

Class I - DJ ADS1

Darren  Gumbley

Class I - Force pt

Bernard  Kevill

Class I - OMS 2000M

Stephen  Loadsman

Class I - OMS 

Robin  Maryon

Class I - Jedi Mk 2

Paul  Masters

Class I - Jedi Mk6

Dominic  Rose

Class I - Jedi MK 4

David  Spencer

Class I - Reynard Kawasaki 883

Jim  Spencer

Class I - Reynard Kawasaki 883

Jonathan  Toulmin

Class I - Marengo 2 

Mike  Jenkins

Class J - Terrapin Mk1A

Chris  Bennett

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF89

Bob  Ridge-Stearn

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF87

Paul  Webb

Class J1 - Van Diemen RF84

George  Harris

Class K - Dallara F3

Tony  Jarvis

Class K - Reynard FVL

Paul  Tinsley

Class K - Jedi Mk 1

Martin  Webb

Class K - Reynard FVL

Fyrth  Crosse

Class W - Ensign LNF3/Mallock U2 Mk 2B Monoposto

Chris  Jones

Class W - Mallock U2 Mark 8

Tim  Moore

Class W - Ginetta G18

David  Bennett

Class V2 - Marcos Coupe

Peter  Hubbard

Class V2 - Marcos V6 Sports

Jonathan  Plowe

Class V2 - Gilbern Genie

Geoff  Stallard

Class V2 - TVR Vixen

Jonathan  Toulmin

Class J2 - Force PT

Stuart  Cairney

Class N - Hillman Imp

Graham  Cashmore

Class N - Davrian Mk 6

Ifan  Davies

Class N - Davrian Mk6

Mark  Paterson

Class N - Ginetta G15

Graeme  Williamson

Class N - Hillman Imp

Anne  Adams

Class W2 - Royale RP 30

Bob  Adams

Class W2 - Royale RP 30

John  Burton

Class W2 - RALT RT3

Richard John  Opie

Class W2 - Ralt RT3

Geoff  Stallard

Class W3 - Ginetta G12

Mike  Broome

Class X - Elden Mk8/10 Formula Ford

Les  Buck

Class X - Lotus 61

Jeremy  Smithson

Class X - Merlyn MK 11

Peter  Ayres

Class Z - Ford Model A

Neil  Bennett

Class Z - Batten Special Sports/racing

Mark  Ranger

Class Z - Nota Arnold MkIV

Jeremy  Turnbull

Class Z - Ford Model B roadster

Roy  Underhill

Class Z - Ford Sports (Roadster)

Phil  Wells

Class Z - Ford T roadster

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