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The HSA's for sale page has been introduced to advertise any competition cars (i.e. non roadgoing) that are suitable for hillclimbing and sprinting. We will also include HSA members' roadgoing vehicles that have been used for competition. Ads (cars only please) will remain on the web site for three months from their original posting date - please advise if the vehicle is no longer for sale. Please contact us and submit details using this form and we will let you know how to submit photos.

1984 Pilbeam MP53 Turbo

Manufactured in 1984 the MP53 was the first honeycomb chassis by Pilbeam and was also fitted with pushrod suspension. This was a very advanced car for its time, and weighed in at only 508kg.

Chassis number MP53 -04 was a double Hillclimb Championship winner with many FTD’s in the hands of Martyn Griffiths and Max Harvey. The Hart engine was subsequently developed and turbocharged in line with current F1 practice. The car continued to compete successfully in the hands of Martyn Griffiths, and in turbo form finished second overall in 1988 British Hillclimb Championship, narrowly missing out on an overall win. Tim Thompson then ran the car in 1989, finishing third overall in British Championship and winning the Harewood Championship.

Having been stored in component form for many years, MP53-04 was fully rebuilt by Barrie Lines from 2007, with a complete photographic record of each stage. This included an engine rebuild by Ray Buckley who worked on Hart turbo engines in period. The car was converted from Zytek to DTA ignition and a new intercooler was fitted to to be on the safe side (original pipework with car to revert to original if required). Turbo work and wastegate rebuilt by Turbo Technics and the engine was run in and dyno’d by Aldon Automotive. In period the engine ran a higher boost and produced 450 bhp. In its current set up the engine was dynoed at 380 bhp at 5/6 psi boost pressure.

The car was also resprayed and decaled in its period livery. Set up by Ian Dayson and has covered very little mileage since rebuild. On the button and complete with a useful spares package including slicks and wets on Pilbeam rims.

Price: £39,995

Contact Damon Milnes at damon@cheshireclassiccars.co.uk or on 01244 529500

1991 SPA Judd

Recognised as one of the most powerful sports racers ever to have competed in speed events, the SPA Judd is a fabulous piece of engineering which started life as a 2.8 litre Hart powered car in the early 90s. Original owner David Render used the car in hills and sprints before selling it on to Ferrari & Lancia enthusiast Christian Mineeff. Christian then had the car completely reworked and converted to F1 power with a 3.5 litre Judd CV power plant. Aero developments by Gould Engineering in the late 1990s made this car the fastest sports racer on the hills bar none. Subsequently owned by Matthew Harrison and Chris Cannell, the car has most recently been campaigned with some success by Tom Brown and Steve Cunningham. Powered by a mighty ex Leyton House Judd CV 3.5 litre F1 engine, which still runs F1 cams and sounds utterly superb!

Following successful outings in 2013/14 the car was taken to Group C specialists Xtec, who carried out a full chassis up rebuild of the car, complete gearbox rebuild and a full top end rebuild on the Judd. Only used on one occasion since, the car has been carefully stored and regularly run up since and is ready for the forthcoming season.

Complete with three sets of wheels and used tyres, remote starter, pre-heater, spare gear rations, a set of straight through pipes and everything you need to run the car. It also has a PC with data-logging and an old style MSA Competition Log Book.

Your chance to own an awesome piece of hillclimbing history!

May split if sufficient interest.


Contact Damon Milnes at damon@cheshireclassiccars.co.uk or on 01244 529500


The chassis was supplied new by Arthur Mallock to John Mangoletsi in 1960 and was the 5th chassis sold costing £57.50 - early cars were always sold as a kit of parts. The chassis was built into a Formula Junior as a replica of Arthur’s FJ with a works 998cc BMC engine and gearbox, in order to compete in sprints and hill climbs.

The car was unusual for a Mk.2, having the rear axle links outside the body and rear coil rather than quarter elliptic springs - a new development by Arthur and later to be formalised in the Mallock Mk.3. It retained the mountings for the ¼ elliptic rear springs of the Mk. 2 cars. The car appeared at Harewood in June 1963 and possibly at Gurston Down in the late 1960s but this cannot be confirmed.

As with so many cars the history is vague, the names of Vin Malkie, Kevin Buley, Peter Allen, Colin Cooper and Roger Panter have been associated with the car before Lawrence Sufryn in 1992. After an extensive rebuild by Eric Priestly in Hastings the car competed in FJ circuit events from Lawrence's European home.

It has been owned by Fyrth Crosse since August 2000 and used for hill climbs and sprints at over 200 events.

Following Arthur’s ideas of chassis strength and economy of manufacture, the offset driving position allowed the chassis to be used for monoposto and sports car events as well. The swing axle IFS is split Ford E93A with centre pivot which was developed in the later Mk 3 to 6 with longer, ‘crossover’ arms. A BMC rear axle with Panhard rod, one side shortened to allow angled prop shaft, twin circuit drum brakes, steering adapted Triumph Herald. The engine is a dry sump 3 bearing Ford 109E Classic, sleeved to 1098cc in FJ trim, all steel with twin DCOE 40 carburettors, A6 cam and 105bhp at the flywheel, driving a 4 speed Ford 3-rail gearbox with Quaife internals.

Total weight of the car is 400kg and it is fitted with 5.375 CWP.

The car is in Bristol and in regular use. The owner prefers speed events to circuits as they are more exhilarating and safer, no chance of collecting other people's accidents. Full history, spares, an accepted FJ car all for £35000.

Contact: fyrth.c@btinternet.com or 01179422687

In action at Curborough

In the garage

At Bo'ness


This car has an interesting and unusual history. It was originally built for Charles Barter for hillclimbing use, taking a championship win. It was driven successfully on the hills by Richard Homer, Roger & Scott Moran and Simon Durling. It was also driven by long term competitor, Speedscene editor and columnist, Jerry Sturman at Prescott in 1989.

In 2008 it was converted to Historic FF2000 specification where it has raced ever since including some outings in the Dutch Monoposto series and HSCC events.

The car has recently undergone re-build from the chassis up. The chassis has been re jigged & powder coated and fitted with a new floor pan and bulkhead.

The car comes with:

  • Vehicle Identification Document (VIF)
  • Philspeed engine
  • Hewland MK8/9
  • HANS belts
  • High torque starter
  • Lifeline extinguisher
  • 2 way adjustable Konis
  • Some spare ratios
  • 2 sets slicks
  • 1 set wets
  • New body plus spare
  • New nose plus 2 spares
  • Plus more (too much to list)


For more information or to discuss viewing contact Wayne Poole Racing(www.waynepooleracing.com) & 07884 138 583 or Derek Smith on 07751 691945 & 01453 546952

An historic car

Newly restored chassis

Plenty of spares

Many new parts


With 2017 representing the 50th Anniversary of Formula Ford 1600 interest in these cars has been rekindled with the setting up of the Pre ’94 FF Register and the Hillclimb FF Fest – read more in Simon McBeath’s article elsewhere in this issue. This is a rare example of a Formula Ford 1600 from the iconic Northern Ireland constructor Crossle.

This 55F model dates from 1983 and received a full chassis and engine rebuild four years ago before being put in dry storage.

It has recently been re-commissioned by Wayne Poole Racing with new clutch cylinders, service brakes and an oil change. For circuit racing it will need an extinguisher and seat belts but these can be fitted for an additional sum.

There aren't too many of these cars around so this gorgeous little car is both an investment opportunity as well as an enjoyable and competitive racer.


For more information contact Wayne Poole Racing(www.waynepooleracing.com) & 07884 138 583


The ex Jane Farthing, Pam & Dave Gardner and Darren Gumbley car originally built in 2002. It has a long and very successful history including a few ‘guest’ drives, notably Alex Summers setting a 39.99s at Prescott in October 2013 when it was fitted with the front and rear wings it is now being sold with.

In 2016, with Chris Jones driving, the car acheived a couple of FTDs and numerous class wins.

The chassis has a carbon top section (front damper and suspension mountings) and carbon cockpit sides on an aluminium honeycomb lower section. In recent years it has been regularly maintained and largely rebuilt by Cougar Engineering including a thorough check and replacement, where necessary, of bearings and suspension joints. The rear dampers were serviced at the end of 2015 and the front damper has been checked. Ian Dayson of Force has replaced the front stub axles and roll hoop stays to ensure that the ROPS is fully MSA compliant.

It comes with:

  • A set of split rims fitted with old slicks
  • A set of split rim wheels fitted with little used (and quite effective) intermediates
  • Front and rear wings
  • A full length carbon undertray (not fitted)
  • Quick release steering wheel
  • A hillclimb fuel tank (approx 2.5l), a nearly new sprint fuel tank (approx 5l)
  • Spare radiator
  • Two rear wing mounts
  • Two (uncovered) resin bead seats
  • In date (2020) OMP HANS specific seat belts
  • Two pairs of AVON A15 rear slicks – one 2016 and little used and one 2014

The car has been fitted with GSXR engines, most recently a K9, and comes with a few other bits and pieces including a spare rear wing endplate, a couple of front stub axles, diff carrier shims and various springs.

It is being sold for £10,750 to make way for a new Force TA.

Chris Bennett – 07904851353 or editor@hillclimbandsprint.co.uk

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