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Event 29 at Curborough on 13/10/2019

After an unpromisingly wet start to Curborough's HSA Championship finale, run this time on the Figure-8 course, the weather relented and Alex Summers, on a track that was still damp in places, repeated his previous day's success with a blisteringly fast, ultra-smooth 50.74sec FTD in the Firehawk that was just a 1/100th of a second shy of his own outright record. Next up, David Tatham's OMS Hornet was 3.3sec behind and a further six tenths adrift, Pete Goulding filled the final podium spot in his Mygale to consolidate fifth place overall on the HSA Championship table. The opening class of the day, with Standard Roadgoing Production (S1) cars combined with Roadgoing (A1) cars contained three of the top ten contenders on the series table. Andrew Till hung on to end the season in the series runner-up spot, despite missing the previous day's round in his MG ZR 105 and finishing third in class on the Sunday behind Leslie Wilson. Clio driver Wilson, who also attended only Sunday's event, remained ninth on the table. It was Rob Thomson that took the win, his second in two days aboard his Renault Clio 172 Cup, and as a result stormed up the order from tenth place to end the year in sixth place overall, level on points with class A2's Michael Thomson but taking the place on aggregate by virtue of taking one more class record during the year. Ray Worrall continued to rack up the points as the eventual winner of A2 to end a season in which he'd done too few events to be in contention. In a close duel for second place, his fellow Honda S2000 driver Thomson lost out on aggregate to the ever-determined Richard Brant, the Clio driver getting the verdict as his opening, slower run was quicker than his opponent's. Fourth in this eleven car class was Dave West, the press-on Peugeot 106 driver finally rounding off the Championship top ten.

A hotly contested Formula Ford class, also with eleven starters, was led by a newcomer to the formula, one Trevor Willis, until the very last run when the car's owner, Richard Summers, came through to snatch the win as he had the previous day. Two MX5 class wins saw Peter Taylor ending the season third overall in the Championship despite the best efforts of last year's series runner-up Andrew Webber, the Lotus 47/62 driver dropping to fourth place even after two class wins over a superb weekend of competitive end-of-season motorsport.

Andrew Till ended his season with a championship second place (Steve Wilkinson)

A sideways Peter Taylor moved up to third overall on the table (Steve Wilkinson)

Trevor Willis made a successful Formula Ford debut (Steve Wilkinson)


Event 28 at Curborough on 12/10/2019

A top class entry for the penultimate SBD/HSA Speed Championship round, the first leg of the weekend double-header being held for the first time on Curborough's 2-lap course, included three front-running British hillclimb contenders. This year''s BHC runner-up Alex Summers was on searing form, breaking John Bradburn's outright course record (set in his Gould-Cosworth HB) successive runs to leave it at 48.63sec and taking FTD in the family DJ Firehawk-Suzuki shared for the weekend with Dave Uren. With the fastest three drivers all from the 1100cc racing class, Stuart Bickley ran just over 2 seconds adrift in his Jedi with last year's Saturday winner David Tatham a close third in his OMS Hornet. 3-times BHC champion Trevor Willis was at Curborough too, having his first ever Formula Ford outing in Richard Summers' Van Diemen RF80. But after a rear suspension mounting, broken in practice, had been repaired by Willis and Ray Rowan, it was Summers Sr. that bounced back to snatch the win in a well-supported Formula Ford class from Russell Haynes' Zeus.

With the HSA Championship outcome already decided in favour of Nick Mugglestone, the MX5 driver did not enter the event, nevertheless competition was fierce all weekend for the series placings. Second overall before Curborough, Andrew Till was also absent on Saturday but was due to appear for the following day's championship finale. Intent on making inroads on the MG ZR's score, the third placed Andrew Webber was on top form in his Rover V8 powered Lotus Europa 47/62 and won not only his class, but the Alan Payne Memorial Trophy for the class winners' run-off with a substantial 2.63sec improvement over his class winning time. Peter Goulding, chasing SBD/HSA Sprint Leaders points in the Ecoboost engined Mygale in which he had already clinched second overall in the British Sprint championship, was second in the Alan Payne run-off with a 0.35sec improvement.

Just behind Webber in the standings, Peter Taylor made a good start to his final championship challenge with an A2.1 class win in his Mazda MX5 while Michael Thomson, next up on the table in his Honda S2000, was unable to keep A2 class winner Dean Cubitt's Mazda at bay and his overall placing would come under threat from Rob Thomson, the clear winner of the combined S1/A1 class in his Standard Roadgoing Clio 172 Cup. So several issues remained to be decided during the course of the final Championship round the following day.

Alex Summers twice broke Curborough's outright 2-lap record (Steve Wilkinson)

Andrew Webber won the Alan Payne class winners' run-off (Steve Wilkinson)

Rob Thomson moved up the championship table with two class wins (Steve Wilkinson)

Mugglestone seals the deal in Champion style

Event 27 at Shelsley Walsh on 21/09/2019
At Shelsley Walsh on Saturday 21st September Nick Mugglestone became the (provisional) 2019 SBD HSA Speed Champion for the second time and did it in fine style. With his Mazda MX5's engine on its last legs and with little oil pressure remaining he needed to break the existing HSA Class record and be the fastest Class A2.1 runner on the day to score his 9th maximum points score. After T1 he had broken the Class record - but so had Peter Taylor in his MX5, leaving Nick 0.7s down. Peter failed to improve on T2 so Nick went for it, having moments in both Bottom and Top Ess, to finish a scant 0.1s ahead. As things stand, even if another competitor achieves a full set of maximum scores Nick will be Champion having scored his total points first.

The other big talking point of the week-end was Peter Hubbard's attempt to get his V8 two stroke powered Maximus GT (ProSport LM3000) up the hill and qualify as a Shelsley Special. Saturday saw numerous problems appear, diagnosed and resolved - even making it to the start area for T2 but unable to restart. On the Sunday the car got off the line on T1 but failed half way up the hill while on T2 it finally completed a full, if smoky, run. When asked about the sound check the response was "well when the smoke cleared it looked like 106Db!".

Saturday was an almost perfect day for the full entry including 27 HSA Speed Championship competitors -  warm, still and dry in the Autumn sun. Despite the superb conditions the only other drivers to set new HSA Class records were Rob Thompson and Leslie Wilson in their Standard Class Clios and a flying Stuart Bickley in his Jedi who took a fine FTD on 26.81s.

Michael Thomson (Honda S2000) won the enormous 2 litre Series Production class from Dave West (Peugeot 106GTi) and Raymond Worrall (Honda S2000) but was already thinking ahead to 2020 and his plans for the Sylva Phoenix that he has already collected from France. Chris Jones was making his first appearance in a Caterham and won the Roadgoing Specialist production class while John Bradshaw (Westfield) won the Modified Specialist production class - both cars running Cougar tuned engines. James Robertson (RAW Striker) having his first event of the year was a close third to Bradshaw and Ray Lohr (Caterham).

Finally, in the something different category, Jim Henshaw was running his 5 litre Ford Hot Rod pick up in the 'commercial vehicle' class and the enthusiastically driven car(?) seemed able to spin its wheels at almost any point on the hill on its way to a sub 40s time!

A Champion's run from Nick Mugglestone (Rob MacDonald)

A good third for Raymond Worrall in the 2 litre Roadgoing class (Rob MacDonald)

He did it! Peter Hubbard on the Sunday (Rob MacDonald)

Jim Henshaw's 5l Ford Pick Up (Chris Bennett)

Hillam takes FTD at MIRA as Till closes the gap

Event 26 at MIRA on 14/09/2019
Matt Hillam (SBD Dallara) took FTD with a 39.91s at MIRA on September 14th and was the only sub 40s run of the day. He was closely followed by Pete Goulding (Mygale M13) on 40.19s and Steve Broughton (SBD Dallara) on 41.83s.

In the race for the 2019 HSA Speed Championship Andrew Till (MG ZR105) kept the pressure on the (absent) series leader, Nick Mugglestone, with a new HSA Class record and a maximum score to close within 4 points.

Some 25 HSA Speed Championship competitors took part with many setting new HSA Class records including Dave West (Peugeot 106GTi), Justin Andrews (Impreza), Andrew Webber (back in the glorious V8 Lotus Europa 47/62), Philip Stader (Alfa Berlina) and Pete Goulding. Notable class wins included John Bradshaw (Westfield), Clive Wooster (Radical), Ivan Russell (Anglia) and Stuart Bickley (Jedi).

The two large Paul Matty Lotus classes were won by reigning HSA Champion, Geoff Stallard (Elan) and Tony Wallen in his familiar Formula Three 69.

Note: All photos are by Kim Broughton and have been approved for publication by the venue


FTD went to Matt Hillam in the SBD Dallara

Andrew Webber was back out in the Lotus 47/62

The ever quick Anglia of Ivan Russell

A class win and HSA record for Justin Andrews

Sunshine & showers at Three Sisters

Event 25 at Three Sisters on 01/09/2019
Repeated showers at Three Sisters on September 1st had a big impact on the results of the event and the current standings at the top of the SBD HSA Speed Championship table as David Tatham took FTD in his 1100cc OMS Hornet with a 67.48s from Jim Macdiarmid's 68.57s in the ex Gary Thomas Force PC.

The race for the 2019 HSA Speed Championship title had come down to three competitors - Nick Mugglestone (MX5), Andrew Till (MG ZR105) and Andrew Webber (Lotus Elan +2) but with the latter giving 3 Sisters a miss it was left to Mugglestone and Till to try and deliver a decisive result.

Nick Mugglestone made a good start by breaking the exisitng HSA Class record on T1 but, worryingly, he was only three tenths ahead of fellow MX5 runner, Peter Taylor, so needed another good run to secure the 17 points - or for rain to intervene. Fortune shone and the sun didn't with T2 and T3 turning out wet or damp meant that his maximum score wasn't threatened. Ken Morris joined Peter Taylor  and Nick Mugglestone in breaking the A2.1 Clas record. Another MX5 runner, James French, was enjoying his first season of competition until he understeered off at the first hairpin and sideswiped the barrier. Fortunately the damage was confined largely to the front wing and was quickly hammered out allowing James to take T2 and T3. And drive home!

Andrew Till made a good start in practice with a time just outside the Class record and he lined up for T1 hopeful of a good time with a dry track ahead of him. But as the lights went green one of the short, sharp showers drenched the track, lasting for about 93 seconds - exactly the time it took for his run! Andrew was so annoyed at his misfortune that he went for it despite the soaking track and endured a wild and messy, kerb hopping run. T2 was also damp so Andrew's hopes of a good score to keep his title hopes alive were thwarted. Nonetheless, Andrew is still aiming for a very commendable top three finish in the Championship in his 100,000 mile plus car that he drives to every event and runs on List 1A tyres.

The rapidly changing conditions favoured some competitors who had a dry run including Luke Trotman (a very early start driving all the way up from Bristol on the morning of the event) in his Mallock MK18B and Nigel Fox (Van Diemen RF89) who both broke their existing Class records and scored well.

Almost there! Nick Mugglestone in his MX5 (C Bennett)

David Tatham took FTD in the OMS (Denise Moore)

James French had an eventful meeting (C Bennett)

Andrew Till in dry(ish) practice (C Bennett)


Event 24 at Gurston Down on 25/08/2019

27 HSA contenders turned out on a hot Bank Holiday weekend at Gurston Down, where class records fell across the board at the Wiltshire hill's second British Championship meeting of the year.Five new HSA records were finally established, with seven drivers inside the original records at the start of the day, and there were changes at the sharp end of the championship table. In the dedicated HSA classes Nick Mugglestone, who had won the HSA championship as far back as 2011, took the A2.1 record in the MX5 to consolidate his place at the head of the championship table. In the absence of Andrew Webber's Elan Plus 2, Andrew Till in his much campaigned MG ZR105 - still running its original engine, clutch and gearbox after over 100,000 miles of road and competition use - stepped in with another HSA record to take over second overall. Unfortunately other commitments will prevent Andrew completing the season so his placing is vulnerable. With Peter Taylor not bringing his MX5 to Gurston, Alan Mugglestone took over his fourth place on the table but although running inside the old HSA record, the 2013/2015 champion was not the fastest A2 runner. That was Dean Cubitt, who ran in Gurston's 2-litre Roadgoing class and took the win in his own MX5, with yet another new HSA record.

Steve Holland also ran his Caterham-Hayabusa in the main class structure and after a lurid first run spin at Hollow Bend, bounced back to take the third HSA record of the day. But the Gurston regular was up against stiffer opposition than usual as Simon Jenks blitzed not only the Class D HSA record but Mike Rudge's 10-year-old Gurston record on successive runs to take the 17 HSA points and finally reset the record. His 30.44s run was almost a second and a half inside Matt Hillam's 2011 mark. The final record-breaker was Lee Griffiths, whose fourth place time in the British championship 2-litre normally aspirated class with the OMS-Suzuki broke Bill Morris's age-old Class K Pilbeam record from 2006.

Other winners in the dedicated HSA classes included Charles White (Lotus Elise S2), Simon Price (Westfield SEiW), and Paul Batey (Rawlson Stiletto), while Robin Lee got the better of fellow Clio driver Paul Meadows in the Class C division.

HSA record-breaker Dean Cubitt dives into Ashes (Steve Lister)

Class winner Charles White on the edge at Karousel (Steve Lister)

Robin Lee's Clio takes a more conservative line into Karousel (Steve Lister)

Records galore at Hethel

Event 23 at Hethel on 04/08/2019
Many new HSA Class records were set at Borough 19's Hethel Sprint on August 4th which could have a major bearting on the outcome of the 2019 SBD HSA Speed Championship.

Nick Mugglestone (MX5) maintained his grip on the top of the leaderboard with a new record and maximum points score while second place competitor, Andrew Webber, lost ground by just missing out on a new Class record in his Elan+2. Andrew Till moved up to third overall in his MG ZR105 with a maximum score and Alan Mugglestone did the same to improve to fifth.

The battle for FTD was fought out between five (!) Jedis and an OMS with the verdict going to Mark Chaplin's Jedi MK6 with a 117.79s run, well ahead of the rest of the field.

Andrew Till's MG - library photo (Brian Taylor)

More records fall at Wiscombe

Event 22 at Wiscombe Park on 28/07/2019

Three more HSA records were broken on Sunday by the three British and Leaders contenders. First to rewrite the list was Chris Berrisford, who took over a second off 2017 HSA champion Justin Andrews' A3 record, set the year his fellow Impreza driver took the title. Experienced National campaigner Simon Jenks' Caterham-Hayabusa promptly demolished the Class D record set the previous day by Turner's Vortex, running over eight tenths clear. These two drivers easily won their respective classes, each somewhat disappointingly supported by just two entrants. At least Lee Griffiths had one more runner in his class, but as a British Championship contender he had his sights set on making the cut for the top 12 run-offs, which he managed to do in the afternoon with a new HSA record - 1.69sec inside Andrew Dinner's Pilbeam MP82 time from 2014. Unfortunately that was to be his best run of the day as his OMS-Suzuki 25 slowed with a gearbox problem during the run-off itself.

With none of the front runners for the 2019 SBD HSA Speed championship present the position at the top of the leaderboard remained unchanged with Nick Mugglestone enjoying a narrow lead over Andrew Webber.

Chris Berrisford reset former champion Justin Andrews' record (Jerry Sturman)

Simon Jenks rewrote Turner's Class D record set the previous day (Jerry Sturman)

Lee Griffiths followed up his Loton win with an HSA record at Wiscombe (Jerry Sturman)

Julian Harber's Mini Clubman (Nigel Cole)


Event 21 at Wiscombe Park on 27/07/2019

After so many wet meetings at the picturesque Devon hill, summer sunshine greeted HSA and British Championship contenders for the BHC's annual visit and brought out a big crowd of spectators, especially for Sunday's instalment of this two-day meeting. Not only did the superb weather produce a spate of outright hill records for hillclimbing's top exponents, recounted elsewhere on the website, but also prompted four HSA class records over the two days. All but two of Saturday's 12 HSA runners, running together in a dedicated B-licence class, remained to do it all again the following day and were joined by three more that, as British and Hillclimb Leaders contenders, ran in Sunday's A-licence classes.

Top scorer in Saturday's event was Martyn Turner, who won the 12-car HSA class with a new Class D record in his MNR Vortex carving just over a second off Chris Howard-Harris's year-old record in the Caterham Superlight. This of course raised the bar for Sunday's event and although he won the class again, he couldn't quite match his new record time. So there was no maximum points score this time for Martyn, but he was still top scorer in the class ahead of Andrew Meek's Impreza from A3, which ran second each time and closed the gap considerably to the much lighter machine on Sunday. The next highest scorer was Julian Harber, with 9 points each day. In the class order on scratch, the Class C1 Mini Clubman driver had to settle for sixth place on Saturday behind the third placed Paul Meadows' Clio 172, Robin Maryon's 1-litre Jedi-Honda, the first single-seater home, and Oliver Beale's Audi TT, which Harber demoted to sixth place the following day.

Martyn Turner set the first HSA record of the weekend in his MNR Vortex (Jerry Sturman)

Robin Maryon in the PSD Jedi (Howie Fowler)

Richard Worth's Ford PUMA (Nigel Cole)

Carole Nicholls in the Nike Formula Ford (Nigel Cole)

Lee Griffiths takes FTD as Mugglestone goes top

Event 20 at Loton Park on 21/07/2019
Lee Griffiths took FTD at Loton Park on Sunday July 21st in his OMS 25 with a 48.50s run from Saturday's fastest man, Mark Dalton who was runner up in his Empire Evo.

Lee also took a maximum points score with a new HSA class record in his quest for the Peter Stephens memorial trophy for the best points score in 4 rounds. Also on a quest, this time for the overall HSA championship was Nick Mugglestone (MX5) who leapt to the top of the table with another new record and maximum score. And he laid his Loton 'bogey' to rest at the same time!

With Andrew Webber and Petert Taylor absent on the Sunday the only other top 4 HSA contender present was Andrew Till but a disappointing pair of runs saw him post his lowest score of the season although it was enough to keep him in third place overall.

No-one expected to see Martin Rutter appear in a Fiat X1/9 following his accident on Saturday. But, after 'phoning a friend, he duly appeared in a pristine 1988 example. Unfortunately as a roadgoing version it wasn't eligible for Martin's usual mod prod class so was unable to score points. 

Michael Thomson found more time in the Honda S2000 for another new HSA record and a class win and ANdrew Meek repeated his Saturday performance to take second in the large Roadgoing series production class.

Nev Rollason won the well supported Formula Ford class in his ex Alan Terry Jamun M90 while Graham Cherry and Nick Arnold were very evenly matched in their shared Royale RP24 but hindered by using 'circuit' ratios, something they hope to rectify next year.

FTD went to Lee Griffiths in the OMS 25 (R MacDonald)

Another day, another X1/9! Martin Rutter (R MacDonald)

Graham Cherry in the lovely Ryale (S Wilkinson)

Stewart Duncan in the OMS PR (S Wilkinson)

Dalton takes FTD and HSA title race hots up

Event 19 at Loton Park on 20/07/2019
Mark Dalton took FTD at Loton Park on July 20th with a time of 50.62s in his 1600cc Empire Evo. The expected battle with Clive Austin's Empire Wraith didn't materialise as Clive was a non starter. Mark's competiton for FTD came from the driver he was sharing the car with - multiple British Hillclimb champion, Scott Moran. Scott was having a run in the car to provide some friendly feedback but his priority was to "bring it back in one piece". He duly took second FTD just a few tenths shy of Mark's time.

Overnight rain and early morning drizzle left the track damp for P1 but the sun came out and the attending wind soon dried things up for the rest of the day.

It is getting to the time of the season when the race for the HSA Speed Championships is reaching its critical stages. The four drivers at the top of the table were present over the course of the week-end (but Andrew Webber and Andrew Till only got entries for one day) and on the Saturday all three, Nick Mugglestone (MX5), Peter Taylor (MX5) and Andrew Webber (Elan +2) all broke their existing HSA Class records to score well.

Stewart Duncan was having only his third event in the OMS PR (the previous two being at Harewood) which he had rebuilt over the winter. It had been previously destroyed in France and was acquired by Stewart as a collection of parts in boxes. Still getting to grips with a single seater, the ten year old slicks weren't seen as a major issue!

Adam Pemble had suffere a small coolant leak in the Celica GT4 on the drive up from the West Country and was hoping the application of some heavy duty sealing tape would keep him going for the week-end. It did.  Richard and Jamie Yapp were having their forst outing of the year in their shared Nova SR but practivce quickly revealed a problem. Initially though to be a dropped valve it turned out to be a fuelling issue so their week-end was over after T1, before it really started.

Despite a few no shows the 2000cc Roadgoing series production class had a fine entry and was very well won by Michael Thomson in his near standard, 125,000 miles on the clock, Honda S2000 from Ian Butcher's Honda Integra and Nick Mugglestone. The over 2000cc class was similarly well contested and was won by Rick Leddy's Audi TT from Andrew Meek (Impreza) and Gordon Hick (Golf RC10).

Simon Price won the 1700cc Roadgoing kit car class in his Westfield from his 'car share, Paul Evans while Simon Jenks had a loose throttle cable in practice but this was quickly fixed and he went on to win the mod prod kit car class and take third FTD.

Martin Rutter was going well in his Fiat X1/9 until he had a moment at Fallow on T2 and kept his foot in. The car went off on the outside into the rough stuff and damaged both his suspension and a hydraulic line. It looked as if he would have to miss Sunday but perhaps not......

Finally, the Lotus 7 Club championship was present with a good turn out of Caterhams and mention should be made of Meteor Motorsport's Simon Rogers, who was well ahead of all the other Caterham class competitors with a 53.89s run and very close to Simon Jenks' time.

Mark Dalton took FTD in the Empire Evo (S Wilkinson)

Peter Taylor broke the HSA Class record (R MacDondald)

Simon Price apporaches Triangle (S Wilkinson)

Martin Rutter before he broke the X1/9 (R MacDonald)

Brown takes FTD as MX5s take the points

Event 18 at Blyton Park on 14/07/2019
On the second day of the WSCC's Blyton Sprint week-end the expected battle for FTD between Steve Brown's JKS and Glyn Sketchley's Force PT (and FTD from the previous day) failed to materialise when the Force failed on T1 and didn't reappear. The JKS duly took FTD with a 58.65s.

In the 2000cc Roadgoing sports car class there were MX5s aplenty with Alan Mugglestine taking the win but Nick Mugglestone (running in HSA class A2.1) set a new new record for a maximum score to advance his title hopes. Further back were Dean Cubitt, Peter Taylor, James French and John Wadsworth all in MX5s and scoring points.

Julian Harber (mini Clubman) was all alone in the small mod prod class and Ivan Russell (Anglia) lost out by a narrow margin in the 2000cc class while Robin Lee won the battle of the Clios with Geoff Lancaster in the large mod prod class.

The Hoyle, Hodder and Bunn Roadgoing Westfield battle from the day before was re-joined with John Hoyle taking three timed runs and leading after T3. However, with up to 6 runs on offer, Hodder and Bunn set their best times on T6 with Hodder taking the win by about a second and Bunn third just a dundredth behind Hoyle.

Adam Phelps was again comfortably the fastest of the mod prod kit cars and Nigel Fox (Van Diemen RF89) had his work cut out keeping up with Geoff Ward's always quick Swift in the Formula Ford class.


Steve Brown took FTD with the JKS (Anthony Mitchell)

Nick Mugglestone advanced his title hopes at Blyton (Anthony Mitchell)

Julian Harber in his Mini Clubman (Anthony Mitchell)

Nigel Fox's Van Diemen RF89 (Anthony Mitchell)

Sketchley takes FTD & close racing at Blyton

Event 17 at Blyton Park on 13/07/2019
On the first day of the WSCC print week-end at Blyton Glyn Sketchley (Force PT) took a comfortable FTD with a 61.12s run ahead of a horde of Westfields led by Adam Phelps' mod prod car on 66.28s.

Nick Mugglestone's late charge for another HSA Championship in his Mazda MX5 received a minor setback as there wasn't an HSA A2.1 Class record to beat so 15 points was his reward.However father, Alan ,running in HSA Class A2 was able to break the existing record for a maximum 17 point score along with Leslie Wilson (Clio), Dean Cubitt (MX5) and Ivan Russell (mod prod Anglia). On the day Alan, Nick and Dean finished 1,2,3 in their large Class so were well awarded.

In the car engined Roadgoing kit car class the usual Westfield battle between the Hoyle, Hodder and Bunn cars had an unusual outcome. John Hoyle only took one run but it was a quick one on 68.39s. Derek Hodder got close on T3 with a 68.79s and looked to have second wrapped up until Gary Bunn posted a 68.78s on T5!

Glyn Sketchley lifts a wheel on his way to FTD (Anthony Mitchell)

Leslie Wilson, a new HSA class record in the Clio (Anthony Mitchell)

Ivan Russell making the Anglia work (Anthony Mitchell)

Andrew & Laing in the points at Lydden

Event 16 at Lydden Hill on 13/07/2019
There were plenty of new HSA Class records set at Borough 19's Lydden Sprint with Justin Andrews (in his Class winning Subaru Impreza) and Stephen Laing (Caterham R500) joined by British Sprint runners Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono), Terry Holmes (Lola Tegra) and Pete Goulding (Mygale M13).

Andrew Webber (Elan +2) continued his strong run at the top of the HSA Championship table and scored well despite missing out on a new records by a couple of seconds.

Zoe Kingham was on her own this week-end in the SBD Westfield and her 79.33s run on T4 was the fastest of the 'kit cars' present.

A new HSA record for Stephen Laing in the R500 (Mike Curtin)

Zoe Kinghma powers through Paddock in the Westfield (Mike Curtin)


Event 15 at Barbon Manor on 06/07/2019

Unlike the June club event at Barbon Manor, the weather gods smiled on the rolling Cumbrian slopes as British Championship contenders gathered for their annual visit to this short, but fast, hillclimb. Eight HSA Championship contenders made the trip to contest the SBD/HSA rounds held alongside the BHC event.

Establishing a new record for HSA class A1, Andrew Till brought his MG ZR 105 home third in this opening Barbon class behind the Mugglestones' MX5. The result moved him up to second place on the overall championship table although series leader Andrew Webber, despite not running at Barbon, still holds a ten point advantage.

No less than half of the HSA runners were from Class A2 and three of those ran inside Nigel Trundle's 2018 HSA record. Nigel, however, was not one of them as although winning his 2-car class in the meeting's substantial B licence section, the relatively local Scirocco driver from Preston had to be content with fourth place among the HSA A2 runners. Earning eighth equal place on the championship table and third in the A2 rankings in the process, Michael Thomson was top scorer with a new HSA record of 28.43s. Almost a second and a half inside the old mark, the Honda S2000 driver won the 3-car Barbon B class from the similar S2000 of Raymond Worrall, who also ran inside the old record.

Third on the list of A2 scorers was twice HSA champion Alan Mugglestone, his MX5 winning the first Nat A class of the day ahead of son Nick, the 2011 champ. Running the car in A2.1, Nick carved half a second off Ken Morris's 2018 record and became the third HSA runner to score a maximum 17 points.

The final maximum points scorer, Chris Berrisford, was the only A3 runner at Barbon. Nonetheless he won the Barbon class by some margin from Speedscene contributor Peter Herbert's Porsche 911, consolidating his substantial margin as championship class A3 leader with a 26.88, over a second inside 2017 champion Justin Andrews' record set last year.

The final HSA points scorer, and the first this year to register on the class K scoresheets, was Lee Griffiths. However the highlight of the day for the OMS-Suzuki driver, running normally aspirated with a bigger engine this year, was more likely to be eighth place in the second BHC run-off and his first British Championship points of the season!

Andrew Till moved into the championship runner-up spot (whitedogmotorsportphotography.co.uk)

Michael Thomson was top scorer in A2 (whitedogmotorsportphotography.co.uk)

Former champion Nick Mugglestone moved into this year's top ten (whitedogmotorsportphotography.co.uk)

Chris Berrisford heads the A3 standings by a clear margin (whitedogmotorsportphotography.co.uk)

Sweeney's FTD

Event 14 at Shelsley Walsh on 06/07/2019
Derek Sweeney (OMS 2000M) took FTD with a 27.53s run just a tenth ahead of Michael Tregoning (Pilbeam MP88) at Shellsey on July 6.

On a day when most of the HSA Speed Championship competitors were struggling to approach the class record times on their first, dry runs, only Leslie Wilson in his 'standard class' Clio set a new mark to take maximum points.

HSA competitors were to the fore in the up to 2000cc Roadgoing class with Nick West (Peugeot 106GTi), Dean Cubitt (MX5) and Dave West (106GTi) took the honours covered by just over a second. John Bradshaw (Westfield) ran out an easy winner in the Mod Prod kit cars with very few of the later, faster runners taking their second run.

In the Paul Matty Lotus classes the Sports car class was won on handicap by Sarah Bosworth (Elise) with a 32.29s ahead of Jonathan Bibby (elise) and reigning HSA Champion, Geoff Stallard in his Elan. The Paul Matty Racing Class was narrowly won by Paul himself in his Lotus 35 from Malcolm Thorne's similar car.

Michael Tregoning, 2nd FTD in the Pilbeam (Rob MacDonald)

Geoff Stallard leaves the line in the Elan (Rob MacDonald)

Alan Walker attacks the Esses in his Escort RS1800 (Rob MacDonald)

Webber and Till move up at Aintree

Event 13 at Aintree on 29/06/2019
With a pair of strong results at Aintree on June 29, Andrew Webber (Elan +2) and Andrew Till (MG ZR105) moved up to first and third in the 2019 SBD HSA Speed Championship. On a hot and humid day both drivers set new HSA class records as did Leslie Wilson (Clio) and Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono).

Dave and Nick West won the up to 2000cc Roadgoing Production class in their shared Peugeot 106GTi with identical times of 52.64s but Dave took the verdict as he set the time on his first timed run compared with Nick's third.

The up to 2000cc Roadgoing 'Sports car' class was made up of four MX5s and five Honda S2000s with, not surprisingly, the Hondas taking the honours led by Roger Fish (52.07s) followed by Raymond Worrall (52.12s) and Michael Thomson (52.47s) - all times set on their fourth timed run of the day.

The Mod Prod 'Westfield' class again saw some impressive times with John Hoyle's car taking the win by a couple of tenths from Chris Griffiths' example ahead of the Bunn/Hodder car while the both SBD  and Phelps cars were absent on this occasion.

The Lotus 7 Club championship were present and in force with some close battles in their better supported classes. One notable absence was Speedscene editor, Michael Calvert, who suffered head gasket problems in practice and was unable to continue.

Andrew Webber moved to the top of the table at Aintree (Kim Broughton)

2nd in Class for Raymond Worrall (Brian Taylor)

John Hoyle in his fast Mod Prod Westfield (Brian Taylor)

Anthony Taylor's Lister Knobbly added variety (Brian Taylor)


Event 12 at Prescott on 22/06/2019

With even the overflow car park filled to bursting, a large crowd of spectators turned out for the 'Porsche at Prescott' meeting on June 22, which also attracted over 30 HSA Championship contenders, including many of the series front-runners.

Prescott's 21-strong 2-litre Roadgoing division carried a number of HSA contenders from our S1, A1, A2 and A2.1 classes. Heading the pack, and the class as a whole, was top A2 scorer David West, who collected 16 HSA points in his Peugeot 106 GTi. A run within seven hundredths of Martin Ellis's record, set just a year ago with his Escort Mk2, moved the vastly experienced driver up a place to fifth overall on the series table. But still just one place ahead of West in the HSA standings, Andrew Till scored 13 points in the same Prescott class aboard his A1 MG ZR, as did S1 runner Leslie Wilson in his Renault Clio. Second overall in the Prescott class was the Honda S2000 of Michael Thompson, who collected 14 HSA points, although this was no challenge to the series leaders, being only his third scoring event of the season.

Dean Cubitt, having recently switched his MX5 from the A2.1 Mazda class to the Roadgoing class, was third highest scorer of the 10-strong HSA A2 contingent. However MX5 driver Peter Taylor, the overall series leader, stretched his lead to five points with the first of two HSA records on the day, his 53.61 on the tortuous Prescott slopes just a hundredth of a second inside Tony Thomas's 5-years-old A2.1 mark. The other HSA class record-breaker was Simon Jenks, who bounced back from a first run glitch to snatch the Modified Specialist class win aboard his Caterham-Suzuki from the grasp of 2007 HSA champion John Bradshaw's Westfield-Vauxhall SEiW. On his first scoring round of the year, Jenks' 43.64 was five hundredths inside Andy Dunbar's Class D record set back in 2011, but Bradshaw's 14 points for second place kept him well in charge of the Class D standings.

Other scorers into double figures included Mark Schlanker, whose maiden score of the season, 11 points, was not enough to catch Class J leader Steven Brown, although by not entering the event the JKS driver slipped from fourth to sixth overall on the championship table. For the same reason, Mygale driver Peter Goulding conceded his championship second place to last year's series runner-up Andrew Webber, who scored 13 points in the Lotus Elan Plus 2 that he's owned for over 40 years.

Peter Taylor left Prescott with a 5-point championship lead (John Hallett)

Currently in second place, last year's runner-up Andrew Webber has this year's title in his sights (John Hallett)r

Dave West took the outright class win at Prescott ... (John Hallett)

... while Michael Thompson finished second (John Hallett)

Goulding joins the leaders at Curborough

Event 11 at Curborough on 09/06/2019
At the Owen Motoring Club organised Graham Hill Sprint on the Fig 8 Curborough course on June 9th Pete Goulding (Mygale M13) scored maximum points (and FTD at 52.74s) with a new HSA class record to join Andrew Webber on 92 points to move up to second place in the 2019 SBD HSA Speed Championship standings. The pair are just one point behind series leader, Peter Taylor.

Also setting new records and taking maximum scores were the Mugglestones in their MX5 -  Father Alan (in class A2) and Son Nick (running on List 1A tyres in class A2.1). They were joined by Ivan Russell in his familiar red Anglia and Simon Price in his Westfield, both winning their respective classes.

Michael Thomson and Raymond Worrall were out in their Honda S2000s with Michael winning Class 1E on the day.

The Henney/Barney/Stader 'flying circus' of Class U2 cars saw Mike Henney out in his Lotus Cortina for Curborough and take the class win with a cracking second run after trailing Callum Barney's Cortina GT after T1. Philip Stader had chosen the Austin A35 for Curborough and, despite being outpaced by the Cortinas, did well to be only a couple of seconds adrift.

FTD for Pete Goulding's Mygale (Andy Leivers)

Mike Henney working the Lotus Cortina hard (Andy Leivers)

A good result for Simon Price in the Westfield (Andy Leivers)

The class winning Honda S2000 of Michael Thomson (Andy Leivers)

Webber inches closer at Pembrey

Event 10 at Pembrey on 02/06/2019
Round 10 of the 2019 SBD HSA Speed Championship was held on a wet, but drying track at Pembrey on June 2nd. The track being used was the 'new' one which keeps right at Paddock leading to a tigh left hander before re-joining the normal layout at the Esses.

The single practice and first timed run were held and a track that damp or streaming wet depending on how lucky each competitor was. By the time T2 came around the track was drier but still with some wet patches so new records were not really the order of the day.

Andrew Webber (Elan +2) played safe and was able to close to within a point of Peter Taylor at the top of the Championship standings.

After being out of the cockpit for over a year and struggling to re-find his form on his return at Blyton, former Champion, Nick Mugglestone, really got to grips with car and track at Pembrey. He was delighted to take the Class win and beat Father, Alan, by a couple of seconds. Just behind was Dave West, on his own in the Peugeot this week-end, picking up useful HSA and Sprint Leaders points.

Former MG ZR 160 drivers, Graham Arnold and Nick Cherry are still learing their very smart ex race school/Alan Cornock Royale RP24 Formula Ford and enjoying the competition with Carole Nicholls in the family Nike MK24

Chris Bennett was disappointed with a huge spin at Spitfires on T2 but with no existing HSA Class record his points were safe.

Nick Arnold won the FF Class (C Bennett)

Carole Nicholls in the Nike MK4 (C Bennett)

A full house at Pembrey

Event 9 at Pembrey on 01/06/2019
Twenty six HSA competitors enjoyed a warm and sunny competition on the first day of BARC Wales Sprint week-end at Pembrey on June 1st. Despite this many competitors (7 of them) were in HSA classes of one and only a record to aim at.

Rob Thomson in his Standard Class Clio aimed at the record and broke it gaining a maximum points score along with British Sprint Run Off winner Terry Holmes who was the only other competitor to break an HSA record.

Dean Cubbitt really wasn't getting on with his List 1A Michelin Pilots on his MX5 and vowed to switch classes and List 1B Exxtremes the following day. The Mugglestones were running a development engine in their MX5 and, despite more power, the lack of torque wasn't delivering better times. Back to the drawing board!

Adam Pemble was having his first outing of the year and disconnected gear linkage caused a spin on T1. Mike Smith was having to work on his brakes while John Bradshaw and Zoe Kingham were close in their (very different) Westfields.

John Bradshaw's Westfield (C Bennett)

Zoe Kingham's very different Westfield (C Bennett)

Sims wins as Miles spins

Event 8 at Llandow on 11/05/2019
Dave Sims (RALT RT34) took a hotly contested FTD at the BMC/BPMC Llandow Sprint on May 11th after front runner, Steve Miles (Van Diemen RF96) suffered an unusual accident under braking for the Bus Stop and hit the barrier on the inside. Steve had actually set a time faster than the FTD in practice and was disappointed not to be able to compete for the win.  Simon Clemow and Glyn Sketchley (both driving Force PTs) were also in the running for FTD but came up a little short by less than a second apeice to finish second and third.

In the SBD HSA Speed Championship no new class records were set but Rob Thomson (Clio), Andrew Webber (Elan +2), Peter Taylor (MX5) and Philip Stader (in his Mallock on this occasion) all scored well. The result moved Andrew Webber up to second in the championship - a good performance having already switched cars and classes.

The Modified Kit car class saw a very close battle between the Caterham of Chris Howard-Harris and John Bradshaw's Westfield separated by 0.07s on the only timed run they were able to complete.

The well supported BMC MX5 challenge class was won by Pekka Tulokas with the top three separated by less than a second.

Dave Sims on his way to FTD (Tony Smith)

Rob Thomson attacks the kerbs in the Clio (Tony Smith)

The HSA's Lynn Gilbert in the Caterham (Tony Smith)

Philip James pressing on in the Mini (Tony Smith)

Forsyth again at Werrington as Webber sets new HSA record

Event 7 at Werrington on 05/05/2019
The second day of Plymouth Motor Club's May Werrington event saw a repeat of the previous day with Andrew Forsyth's OMS CF04 taking FTD (34.03s) ahead of Ben Bonfield's Jedi MK4 (35.19s) with Andrew Dinner just behind in his Pilbeam MP82 (35.27s).

Andrew Webber was the best scoring HSA Speed championship competitor in his Elan +2 setting a new championship record and taking maximum  points. Martin Ellis was another high scorer but just unable to better the new record he set the day before in his MK2 Escort.

Andrew Meek and Chris Berrisofrd again had their work cut out in a very competitive class which was won by the Impreza of Jack Ellis with a stunning 37.79s run - the fiffth fastest time of the day.

Finally, it was good to see long time HSA members John Burton and John Opie back out in their shared RALT RT3.


Class winner, Andrew Dinner in the Pilbeam MP82 (Howie Fowler)

Ben Bonfield's rapid Jedi MK4 (Howie Fowler)

Graham Cherry's Royale RP24 (Howie Fowler)

Forsyth's FTD and new HSA record for Ellis

Event 6 at Werrington on 04/05/2019
At Werrington on May 4th Andrew Forsyth, OMS CF04 took FTD (35.40s) in a close fight with Ben Bonfield's rapid Jedi MK4 (35.70s) and Speedscene columnist, Andrew Dinner's Pilbeam MP82 just a hundredth of a second behind.

In the HSA Speed Championship Martin Ellis' splendid MK2 Escort set a new championship record and took maximum points. Also scoring well were Nick Tearle's MR2 and Andrew Webber's Elan +2.

In the 1800cc Series Production class Rodney Eyles' Alfa 4C was a welcome and interesting addition to the entry. It was quick too, taking the Class win with a 41.57s run.

Chris Berrisford and Andrew Meek were out in their Imprezas (over 2600cc Series Production) but up against a strong field including a very quick, shared EVO 4, an Exige and an RX7. Chri did well to take a close third place.


Andrew Meek's Impreza at Werrington (Howie Fowler)

Rodney Eyles' class winning Alfa 4C (Howie Fowler)

A new HSA record for Martin Ellis (Howie Fowler)

Goulding moves up

Event 5 at Goodwood on 20/04/2019
Pete Goulding (Mygale) moved into the joint lead (with Peter Taylor) in the SBD HSA Speed Championship at Goodwood on April 20. Pete's best time on his third timed run of the day of 75.40s was also good enough to take FTD ahead of regular FTD challenger, Glyn Sketchley (Force PT), on 77.37s.

Andrew Till (MG), Justin Andrews (Impreza) and Philip Stader (Alfa) all continued their strong starts to the 2019 season with maximum points scores to keep them well placed on the leaderboard.

Andrew Webber, back in his Elan +2 following engine problems with the Lotus 62, scored well while Richard Worth made his first Championship appearance of the year in his Gulf liveried Puma.

All photos by Mick Briggs

Championship lead and FTD for Pete Goulding (Mick Briggs)

Philip Stader takes a nice line through the chicane (Mick Briggs)

Richard Worth's Ford Puma (Mick Briggs)

Callum Barney's nicely turned out Cortina GT (Mick Briggs)

Roadgoing records fall as Spedding takes Harewood FTD

Event 4 at Harewood on 14/04/2019
 Harewood hillclimb hosted round 4 of the SBD HSA Speed championship and Richard Spedding took FTD  in his GWR Raptor 2 with a new hill class record of 50.71s. In fact all three of Richard's timed runs were under the record.

Of the HSA competitors there was a very close battle among the 2 litre roadgoing production runners with all four covered by seven tenths in the final reckoning.  Michael Thompson came out on top in his Honda S2000 ahead of the Wests (son Nick leading father Dave) and Nigel Trundle (Scirocco).

Peter Taylor went well to set a new HSA MX5 class record (and take the lead in the Championship) ahead of aKen Morris and Rhys Jones in their similar cars.


Michael Thompson set a new HSA reord in his Honda (Simon Barnett)

Peter Taylor, HSA championship leader at Harewood (Simon Barnett)

Richard Spedding took FTD in the GWR Raptor (Simon Barnett)

A Great Day at Anglesey International Circuit

Event 3 at Anglesey on 07/04/2019

Round three of the SBD HSA Speed Championship took place on 7 April on one lap of the Anglesey International circuit. There was another good entry of HSA championship contenders, but fewer records were broken on day two, perhaps because there is more “history” at the International circuit than on the one lap National circuit. In the following description, the HSA classes, rather than the event classes are referred to. The organisers allowed only one practice run, and so as with the day before, the first two runs to count for the championship were the second and third taken.

Weather conditions were excellent, with a dry track, a light breeze, and sunshine all day. John Wadwsorth (MX5) set a new S1 class record at 118.79 seconds. There were 5 HSA registered class A2 entrants, with the first four beating the old record of 114.31seconds. Nick West came out on top in 104.02 just ahead of Dave West (104.86) and Nigel Trundle (104.93). Justin Andrews set a new A3 record in 102.81, coming second in his over 2000cc roadgoing saloon class.

There was another tight battle in the MX5 (A2.1) class, with Peter Taylor (106.04) again taking the win, ahead of Dean Cubitt, Rhys Jones and James French. Jeff Wiltshire ran solo in his class F Zeus Challenger Evo 11, setting a time of 85.73 seconds. John Louden (Force HC, 85.53) ran alone in class I, as did Steven Brown ( JKSJR01, 82.41 ) although this reduced the class J record by over 11 seconds!

Just two HSA-registered Formula Fords were entered, with Nigel Fox (Van Diemen RF89) leading the way in 103.82, followed by Carole Nichols (Nike Mark 4) in 116.26. Fastest again of all FFs on this second day, however, was non-registered Phil Nelson in a Hawke DL28, in a rapid 97.38 seconds.

Peter Goulding again took the class L honours, setting a new record time of 78.95, ahead of fellow Mygale runner, Graham Blackwell. Finally in class U2, the classic contenders were headed by Philip Stader (Alfa Romeo Berlina), although he was some 2 seconds outside the existing class record. Mike Henney was second in his Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, although he was unlucky to have a head gasket failure on his final run of the day. Yvette Stader was third, pipping fourth placed Callum Barney by just 0.01 seconds.

Finally, a special mention goes to James French who was the last competitor standing (or running) for the eighth timed run!

Justin Andrews took second in Class with the Impreza (Neil Lambert)

Nigel Trundle went well in the Scirocco (Neil Lambert)

James French managed 8 timed runs! (N Lambert)

Richard Summers' Lola T140 added variety (N Lambert)

Many New Records Set at Anglesey National Event

Event 2 at Anglesey on 06/04/2019

Round two of the SBD HSA Speed Championship took place on 6 April on one lap of the Anglesey National circuit. There was a strong entry of HSA championship contenders, and the event formed a round of no less than 12 other series or championships! Therefore, in the following description, the HSA classes, rather than the event classes are referred to. The organisers allowed only one practice run, and so the first two runs to count for the championship were the second and third taken.

With good, dry, but chilly weather conditions, several old HSA class records were beaten and in most classes, new ones were set. John Wadwsorth (MX5) set the tone with a new S1 class record at 71.05 seconds. There were 6 HSA registered class A2 entrants, all beating the old record of 71.50, with Nick West coming out on top in 63.80 seconds ahead of Nigel Trundle (VW Scirroco) and Dave West. Justin Andrews set a new A3 record in 60.24, winning his over 2000cc roadgoing saloon class in the process.

There was a tight battle in the MX5 (A2.1) class, with Peter Taylor (66.95, new record) taking the win, just ahead of Dean Cubitt, Rhys Jones and James French.

Jeff Wiltshire ran solo in his class F Zeus Challenger Evo 11, setting a new record in 54.32 seconds. John Louden (Force HC, 51.42) and Steven Brown ( JKSJR01, 49.81 ) did the same in classes I and J respectively.

Four HSA-registered Formula Fords were entered, with Nigel Fox (Van Diemen RF89) setting a new J1 record in 63.52, followed closely by Graham Cherry and Nick Arnold in their shared Royale RP24. Carole Nichols was also entered, running with the Bugatti Owners’ Club/Henney’s Cider Classic Championship brigade. Fastest of all FFs on the day, however, was non-registered Phil Nelson in a Hawke DL28, in an impressive 59.67 seconds.

Peter Goulding took the class L honours in a new record time of 48.16, just edging out fellow Mygale runner, Graham Blackwell, by just 0.23 seconds.Finally in class U2, the classic contenders (all running under the BOC/Henney’s Cider banner) were headed by Philip Stader in his rapid Alfa Romeo Berlina, taking almost 8 seconds off the old HSA record with a time of 65.11. Mike Henney was second in his Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, and Callum Barney was third in the same car after his Cortina GT suffered clutch failure at the start of the event, with Yvette Stader fourth in the shared Alfa Berlina.

A new HSA record for Peter Taylor's MX5 (Neil Lambert)

Mike Henney hard at work in the ALfa (Neil Lambert)

A new HSA class record for Nigel Fox's Van Diemen (N Lambert)

Yvette Stader concentrates in the Alfa Berlina (N Lambert)

A good start at Castle Combe

Event 1 at Castle Combe on 23/03/2019

Nineteen SBD HSA Speed Championship competitors turned up for the opening event of the season at Castle Combe on March 23rd and were met with ''better than forecast'' conditions which led to some excellent competition and a few new records.

Leading off was Andrew Till in his familiar, yellow MG who, although on his own in Class, managed to set a new HSA record and score maximum points. With no Standard Class on offer on the day second year competitor, Rob Thompson was up against a large field of 2600cc Production cars in his Clio but still managed a new HSA Class record. In fact there were plenty of HSA competitors in this Class including Oliver Beale (Audi TT), Peter Taylor (MX5), Tim Richardson (Elise 250), Nick Mugglestone (MX-5) and Philip James (BMW Mini) with the last three all scoring well.

Chris Bennett (Caterham) and Mike Smith (Striker) battled it out in the smaller kit car class with Smith coming out on top by 9 hundredths on the last run. Elise regular, Elen Worthington was guesting in the Smith Striker and finding no windscreen and a sequential shift creating a quite unfamiliar experience.

Chris Jones and Zoe Kingham were sharing the SBD Westfield and doing their best to tame its epic performance (350bhp!) and finished one two in Mod Prod with Zoe getting faster all day and turning the boost up for her final run. 2018 Championship runner up, Andrew Webber, was out in his glorious, Gold Leaf liveried, Lotus 62R but a a very smoky T1 ended in retirement.

Keith Murray (Audi R8) and Jeff Wiltshire (ZEUS Challenger) were set for a battle in Libre but a bent rear push rod ended the Challenger''s challenge(!). Carole Nicholls was the only Formula Ford present with her Nike and of the other single seaters, Steve Brown (new HSA record with his JKS) and Terry Holmes (Lola Tegra T90) both scored well.

Maximum points for Andrew Till at Combe (Steve Lister)

Second in Class for Zoe Kingham (Steve Lister)

A smoky end for Andrew Webber's Lotus 62R (Chris Bennett)

Phil James' BMW Mini (Steve Lister)


Event 33 at Curborough on 14/10/2018

The HSA reverted to Curborough's 1-lap course for the traditional end-of-year meeting, which culminated in the traditional Alan Payne Memorial Trophy class winners' run-off. Unfortunately, unlike the previous day on the figure-8 course, the weather gods failed to smile on the event and persistent rain put a bit of a damper on proceedings as well as on the commentator's PA system, which failed to function. Competition was as fierce as ever, though, and the previous day's winner, David Tatham, had another good day with a class win, second FTD and victory in the Alan Payne run-off with a 35.41, a massive 1.66s improvement over his class winning time aboard his OMS Hornet.

The previous day's third FTD man, Alan Mugglestone, was trying out his effective Pirelli wets in anger for the first time and splashed through the puddles to set the outright pace in 35.33s, almost two seconds clear of Tatham. As we've seen, the OMS driver closed to within eight hundredths of that time in marginally better conditions during the run-off, when Mugglestone spun at Fradley Hairpin, recovering to set a time that, not surprisingly, put him well out of the running.

There were only two Mazda MX5 class runners this time, but after Ken Morris had taken the win to consolidate his Championship class win and sixth place in the overall standings, he found another eight tenths or so to finish runner-up in the run-off. With just under threequarters of a second improvement, Roadgoing class winner (by fifteen hundredths from Dean Cubitt's MX5) and motorsport all-rounder Gordon Hick took third place in the run-off in his Ford Focus RS.

Elsewhere in the classes, Rob Thomson took another class win to end his Championship year with the class victory and fifth overall. After finishing third the previous day in a competitive ModProd Specialist class, HSA chairman Chris Howard-Harris slumped to fifth place in the wet but still ended his season ninth on the overall table and second in the class championship aboard his Caterham-K Superlight, one place ahead of John Loudon who spun out of the reckoning on his second run. Winning the class championship and finishing one place ahead of CH-H on the overall table was Adam Phelps who finished second in class, less than two seconds behind FTD man Mugglestone, to take third FTD in his Megabusa.

The top two Championship finishers had a real set-to in Class U2. 2018 champion elect Geoff Stallard's early lead in the Vixen was overturned in this final class of the day when series runner-up Andrew Webber stormed past in the Europa V8 to snatch the win by just twelve hundredths of a second.

A full report and pictures will appear in Speedscene 201.

Alan Mugglestone splashes to FTD (Steve Wilkinson)

Andrew Webber sneaked past new champion Geoff Stalllerd on his last run in the Championship (Steve Wilkinson)

New Welsh Sprint and Hillclimb champion Rob Thomson took his second class win of the weekend (Steve Wilkinson)


Event 32 at Curborough on 13/10/2018

The HSA's first venture on to Curborough's figure-8 course as an organising club proved a great success. After early rain for practice had given way to fine weather for the competition runs, no less than five HSA class records were reset. At the start of a successful weekend for the OMS Hornet-Suzuki driver, David Tatham took a clear FTD on 52.35s from 1100cc racing classmate Richard Arrowsmith's Force-Suzuki PC. Third overall was Alan Mugglestone, on his first outing of the year in the Raw Fulcrum and demonstrating the effectiveness of his new Pirelli slicks to win a well supported Modified Specialist Production class from Adam Phelps' Megabusa by threequarters of a second, with Phelps on HSA record pace with a 56.43.

The first driver to post a new entry in the HSA record books was Rob Thomson. Fresh from his outright victory in the 2018 Welsh Sprint and Hillclimb Championship, in which he was runner-up last year, the Renault Clio 172 Cup driver won the opening class of the day' for Standard Roadgoing cars, taking just a single 70.90s run. Despite having to settle for second place behind Nick Lear, Mazda MX5 driver Ken Morris carved over half a second off his own record for Class 2.1, leaving it at 70.30s. Although the non-registered Stuart Hill won the combined Roadgoing Specialist class in his Westfield, HSA Championship class leader Lee Gavins was also a record-breaker on 68.45s in his Tiger R6.

With his son Alex away contesting the FIA Hillclimb Masters in Italy, the non-registered Richard Summers had stayed at home to contest the HSA Curborough sprint weekend in his elderly Formula Ford Van Diemen and took the win, but two drivers ran inside the HSA record in a hard fought division. Despite being three seconds adrift of the winner, Curborough newcomer Charlie Reilly snatched fifth overall with a 65.76, a hundredth of a second clear of former record-holder Russell Haynes' Zeus.

Simon Bainbridge established a new HSA Sports Libre record not in his SBR Chrono V8, but in his Audi S3. Although not competing the following day, this would be enough to edge out Fyrth Crosse on the Championship table and end the season in third place overall. With the top two Championship placings already confirmed, both drivers came from the U2 classic car class and duly finished in the appropriate order, Geoff Stallard out in his newly fuel injected TVR Vixen-Ford for a change and taking a four tenths win from Andrew Webber's fearsome Rover V8 powered Lotus Europa 47D/62.

A full report and pictures will appear in Speedscene 201.

Geoff Stallard and Andrew Webber (in car) - already confirmed as the Championship one/two (Chris Bennett)

David Tatham set the outright pace on the figure-8 course (Steve Wilkinson)

Class winner Adam Phelps set fourth FTD (Steve Wilkinson)

Stallard (provisionally) takes Championship and Bickley takes FTD at Shelsley

Event 31 at Shelsley Walsh on 15/09/2018

On the first day oft Shelsley Walsh's Auntumn Finale meeting Geoff Stallard provisionally became the 2018 SBD HSA Speed Champion by winning his class and setting a new HSA Class record, achieving an unbeatable 9 perfect scores. After competing in the HSA Championship for many years before taking a break, Geoff returned this year without any major designs on the Championship. After a few good early season results he realised his calendar was going to take in many HSA rounds so decided to mount a serious challenge. With Nick Stephens' 34.49s record as his target Geoff put in a 34.44s run on T1 to secure the title.

Stuart Biclkey in his rapid Jedi took a surprising but entirely merited FTD. With some of the larger cars having to withdraw including Tina Hawkes Force PC (with a troublesome ECU) and the new Simon Andrews/Bernie Kevill OMS 28/TKD V8 having its inaugural outing (loose front wing mount) there were still plenty of rapid cars left to contest FTD. Finally it was down to a shoot out between Bickley, Chris Jones' Force TA and Chris Green's OMS 28. After T1 they were separated by a couple of tenths and on T2 Stuart (still running his MIRA gearing) threw the little Jedi into Bottom Ess, brushing the bank on the outside but still improved to a 27.08s and then Chris Jones, well up on the split, understeered wide in Top Ess and crossed the line 8 hundredths back on 27.16s. Then Chris Green stormed up the hill to record a 27.15s for second FTD. More than one driver of a larger/more modern car was heard to say "I've been beaten by a Jedi!"

Elsewhere Ben Wilamowski having his first season had fitted quicker tyres (Toyos) to his BMW and was finding it much faster and even more enjoyable. Carole Nicholls, running her Father's Nike FF, had set an objective of PBs at every venue this yearr. At an earlier Shelsley meeting that didn't happen so a return was decided upon with eventual success in the Formula Ford Class won by Russell Haynes Zeus (33.96s).

Colin and Sarah Davies, having swapped their Roadgoing Production BMW for a Standard Class Civic Type R, continued to have a good season becoming more accustomed to FWD and the Hoda's revvy (9,000 rpm) engine. Martin Rutter had finally got the Colotti gearbox fitted and working in his X1/9 but was still experiencing problems geting from fourth to fifth.

In the absence of Andrew Cottrill's Impreza (blown engine) it was left to Chris Berrisford to take a straighforward win in the Series Production class with his similar car on 31.46s. John Bradswaw is realling getting to grips with his 'new' Westfield and was very pleased with his 30.43s and 30.44s runs to easily win the Kit Car Class.

Stuart Bickley took an excellent FTD (A Mitchelmore)

Russell Haynes' Zeus won the FF Class (A Mitchelmore)

Philip Jones' delightful Fiat Abarth 1000TC (Rob MacDonald)

Geoff Stallard's Elan on fine form (Rob Maconald)

Webber inches closer

Event 30 at MIRA on 08/09/2018

Of the top three contenders for the 2018 SBD HSA Speed Championship only Andrew Webber (in the Europa 62R for this event) made the trip to MIRA for Round 30 of the Championship. Although Andrew managed to break the exisitng Class record he was pipped for the Class win by Mike Henney's Elan S3 (a fine 58.38s) and the lost point could prove crucial at season's end.

Rob Thompson again proved the suitability of the Clio 172 in the Standard Class by breaking the HSA class record and scoring well. Competitors in the other classes were some way off the pace, conditions playing their part.

FTD went to Derek Sweeney in his OMS 2000M on 43.91s.

Andrew Webber's Lotus 62R while under development (Mike Stokes)

MAC MIRA Sprint on 8 September - A second report

Event 30 at MIRA on 08/09/2018


MIRA has been in the national news over its plans to build a new autonomous-vehicle test facility close to the site of the Battle of Bosworth, but enthusiastic drivers were in charge on the Dunlop Handling Circuit. MAC had attracted only 45 starters, no doubt affected by a clashing event at Curborough. 17 HSA contenders gathered, on an Autumnal morning with rain threatening.

1100cc racing cars set the outright pace. Derek Sweeney was adapting to a change of performance, having competed in a Riley Brooklands the previous weekend at Bo’ness. At the lunch break after two runs he was fastest overall, and having secured maximum points in the MAC Sunrise Sprint Championship he put the OMS 2000M on the trailer, saying the car was undergeared for such a fast venue and wanting to save the engine. On his third timed run Stuart Bickley improved by over a second to snatch FTD on 43.30 in the Jedi TDF. Richard Arrowsmith (Force PC) took the unofficial honour of fastest through the speed trap at 133 mph.

Road going saloons up to 2000cc was won by Nigel Trundle (VW Scirocco), less than three tenths ahead of Shane Dyson (Renault 5 GT Turbo). Running in this class Rob Thomson added handsomely to his HSA points score, going almost 3 seconds under the record in his Clio Cup. Sports cars up to 2000cc was won by HSA contender Michael Henney (Elan S3), just 0.02 ahead of Dean Cubitt (MX5). In the over 2 litre roadgoing production class late entry James Hunt took a comfortable win in the E30 BMW. The Class B1 Road Going cars was won by former HSA champion John Palmer. The combined B2 and Class D modified specialist production class was almost exclusively populated by Westfields, apart from David Bickley’s Sylva Striker. HSA contender Adam Phelps took the combined class in his howling Megabusa Westfield. Steve Barnard in the Audi TT Spaceframe dominated the next class, of modified series production and sports libre cars, while Andrew Webber’s Lotus Europa 62R continued to attract much interest.

Mark Schlanker won the over 1100cc racing car class in his OMS 2000M, leading home ex MIRA supremo John Wood (Dallara F397/8), and Kerry Wayne in the Magnum 843. Class M1 for classics was run on handicap, with Callum Barney (MG Midget) getting closest to his target, only 0.29 secs away. Despite his best efforts HSA contender Graeme Williamson (Hillman Imp) had to settle for third in class, 1.99 seconds off his handicap time.

With only 45 starters and no significant incidents the day’s action was over by 1:30.

David Oldridge


Event 29 at Gurston Down on 26/08/2018

Round 29 at Gurston did not take place as the meeting was abandoned following heavy rain, which made track conditions unsafe.

Goulding's FTD at Hethel

Event 28 at Hethel on 05/08/2018

Pete Goulding took FTD at Hethel on August 5th with his highly developed Mygale M13 Ecoboost (61.64s) at the Borough 19 organised Sprint held over 1.7 laps of Hethel's South circuit.

Only 7 HSA competitors made the trip but four of them (Stephen Laing, Adam Phelps, Tonly Beesley and Pete Goulding) all won their classes - some by very narrow margins.

FTD for Pete Goulding at Hethel (taken at Pembrey earlier by Kim Broughton)

Stallard ahead as Hawkes takes FTD at Loton

Event 27 at Loton Park on 04/08/2018

Saturday 4th August was the season's second visit to Loton Park Hillclimb – the weather team had predicted another glorious day and no one was disappointed. A slightly slippy hill due to the preceding weeks rain showers was warming up by second practice and by timed runs there was plenty of grip and competition was fierce.

Geoff Stallard in his TVR Vixen this week was the only one of 19 HSA competitors to set a new record and, by so doing, moved further ahead in the HSA Championship. Tina Hawkes took FTD in her Force PC (49.13s) from Graham Wynn's Gould GR55 (49.59s) and Jack Cottrill's Force PT (50.20s).

In class A2 it was great to see Dean Cubitt make a return after his horticultural expedition at Wiscombe. Dean was on good form although his trusty MX5 had a few scars that are yet to be polished out! The class was won by Martin Ellis with a 62.51s with Nigel Trundle second, Dean Cubitt third and Alastair Clark fourth. Ken Morris was the only contender in class A2.1 posting a 65.96s against a class record of 65.51s before making the long cross country dash to Hethel. In class B1 it was Zoe Shearman's first time up the hill– father Anthony achieved second in Class. Martin Rutter was the sole HSA competitor in class C1.

A very competitive class D saw 4 current competitors challenged by a previous championship competitor – Tim Pennington made a welcome return to the hills and has promised to return to the championship next year. Tim won the class with 54.36s but the leading HSA competitor was Chris Howard-Harris 55.15s closely followed by Martyn Turner 55.52s, Lynn Gilbert 56.6s1 and then James Robertson on 57.61s.

Steven Potter in class I posted 54.05s, with Mark Schlanker in Class J on a best time of 53.34s. Poor Mark cooked on the start line for so long whilst a red flag incident was resolved that he may be reconsidering his all black wardrobe for next season.

Last but not least Russell Haynes day did not end well with a fail in the first timed run followed by an early bath – we hope to see Russell out again soon.

Martin Rutter's X 1/9 leaves the line (Rob MacDonald)

Another off track excursion for Dean Cubbitt (Rob MacDonald)

Lesley Bool's Z Cars Mini (Rob MacDonald)


Event 26 at Wiscombe Park on 29/07/2018

Well, if we'd thought Saturday was wet then nothing had prepared competitors for the Sunday monsoon. Overnight rain continued almost unabated for the whole of Sunday which, combined with high winds, made the whole day challenging. Sunday saw seven hardy HSA competitors brave the atrocious conditions and needless to say there were no records broken, rather more a case of keeping everything safe ready to compete another day. Again the HSA members were placed in a class of their own.

In class S1 Sarah and Colin Davies survived their first visit to Wiscombe with times of 56.92 and 55.77 respectively. Ken Morris in his MX5 (class A2.1) posted a 54.84 on his first timed run before significantly worrying himself with indecision at Martini on his second timed run. Enough said! Martin Ellis in the very nicely turned out Escort (class A2) posted a very creditable 51.90 and second in the HSA class. Paul Meadows in the lovely Renault Clio (class C2) posted 52.32 despite significant condensation issues on the inside of the side windows, which meant he couldn't see around the hairpins! Adam Pemble in the Toyota (class A3) managed 54.46 in very trying conditions. Finally Chris Howard-Harris took the class win with a 50.26 in the Caterham Superlight (class D).

Despite the conditions, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and al left for home with cars and pride intact.

Martin Ellis in the Escort MK2 (N Cole)

Adam Pemble's Celica GT4 (N Cole)


Event 25 at Wiscombe Park on 28/07/2018

After many weeks of glorious weather, the weather decided to change for the worse just ahead of the July Wiscombe meeting. Friday saw the first rain in East Devon for many weeks leaving the track damp for the first practice runs on Saturday. Ten HSA members made the trek to Wiscombe and were placed in a class of their own – this saw an interesting range of cars from single seaters through to an MX5. During the morning, hope that the track might dry were dashed when showers came through, but thankfully after lunch the track started to dry and the second timed runs saw some reasonable times being set.

Mark Schlanker, Ben Waine and Kerry Waine had a good competition in class J – Mark achieved 41.45, Ben 43.36 and Kerry 46.40 – the class record is 38.66 which is a mighty achievement on this technical hill. Dean Cubitt had entered A2 in his lovely MX5 but sadly practice 1 saw him disappear into the greenery. Dean was fine but the MX5 is a little worse for wear – hopefully both will be back out soon. James Robertson and Chris Howard-Harris had a good battle in class D where the record was 47.03. Both broke that record, James with a 44.62 and Chris with a 43.40; both good times in the testing conditions. Ken Morris in class A2.1 recorded a 51.62, Adam Pemble in class A3 a 49.02, Martin Ellis in class A2 recorded 48.55, Paul Meadows in class C2 a 48.16. Mark took the HSA class win closely followed by Ben and Chris.

Everyone agreed it had been an interesting day's motorsport with changing conditions throughout the day and no two runs in similar track conditions. Fingers were crossed and seaweed consulted, hoping that Sunday's weather would be better...

James Robertson with the Striker (N Cole)

The Magnum 843 of Kerry Waine (N Cole)

Tatham's day at Blyton

Event 24 at Blyton Park on 15/07/2018

Day two of the Westfield SCC Blyton Sprint week-end took place on Blyton's Eastern course and David Tatham continued his good form by taking FTD with a 64.40s run (on his first timed run) in the OMS Hornet from the previous day's first and third fastest competitors Simon Bainbridge and Glyn Sketchley.

Only Leslie Wilson, Adam Phelps, Russell Haynes and Fyrth Crosse were able to set new HSA Class records with the latter's efforts being good enough to move him to within 8 points of championship leader, Geoff Stallard.

Elsewhere the results largely mirrored performances from the day before.

Fyrth Crosse in the Ensign LNF3 (Derek Partridge)

Chris Berrisford had a good week-end in the Impreza (Derek Partridge)

Two class wins for Adam Phelps' Westfield (Derek Partridge)

The Championship hots up at Blyton

Event 23 at Blyton Park on 14/07/2018

The 2018 SBD HSA Speed championship has begun to get very exciting. At the Westfield SCC Sprint week-end on the 15/15 July Geoff Stallard overtook Andrew Webber at the head of the standings and Fyrth Crosse closed up on the pair to make it a three way fight for the Championship.................for now.

The Saturday event was held on the outer circuit and saw Simon Bainbridge (getting in some practice for the British Sprint round in September perhaps?) take FTD in the mighty SBR Crono with a 59.01s run. He was followed by a very impressive and on form David Tatham in a 999cc OMS Hornet with a 60.08s and perennial FTD contender, Glyn Sketchley, with 60.80s.

Leslie Wilson got proceedings under way with his Renault Clio and was the only Standard Class runner but still set a new HSA record.

Not all competitors took up the option of the four timed runs on offer including HSA competitors, Chris Berrisford, Geoff Stallard and Fyrth Cross who did enough on their first two runs to set new HSA records - the former two also winning their classes. Both John Loudon and Adam Phelps (new HSA record) won their classes in their Westfields while Martin Pickles was back in his Jedi and trying to keep the flying Tatham in sight in the 1100cc racing car class.

Geoff Ward (not unusually) dominated the six strong Formula Ford class with his Swift SC93 with only Russell Haynes (Zeus) getting close to finish second and take a new HSA class record.

Simon Bainbridge took FTD in the SBR Chrono (Derek Partridge)

David Tatham was in fine form with the OMS Hornet (Derek Partridge)

Leslie Wilson having fun in the Clio (Derek Partridge)

Duncan Fraser meets the Blyton kerb (Derek Partridge)

No change in the Championship at Lydden

Event 22 at Lydden Hill on 14/07/2018

The SBD HSA Speed Championship joined the British Sprint Championship for a Borough 19 organised full day Sprint at Lydden Hill.

In fact most of the HSA competitors were also entered in the BSC and the only drivers to set new HSA records were Matt Hillam and Steve Broughton in their Dallara and also finished one two in the Run Off. Most of the the HSA Championship front runners had decided to give Lydden a miss so there was no change at the top of the table.

Some of the closest battles on the day were in the ''Kit car'' classes where Dave Rayner''s Caterham just edged out David Hussey's Striker in the smaller class while Mark Cheevers'' Fury did the same to Stephen Laing''s Caterham (scoring good HSA points) in the larger one.

Steve Broughton in the Dallara (Kim Broughton)

Daive Hussey's Striker (Kim Broughton)

Stephen Laing scored well in his Caterham (Kim Broughton)

Tony Beesley won the 1100cc class in the Jedi (Kim Broughton)


Event 21 at Barbon Manor on 07/07/2018

A small but select gathering of HSA Championship contenders, seven in all, made their way to Barbon Manor to run alongside the British Hillclimb competitors on what turned out to be the hottest day of hillclimbing at the picturesque Cumbrian venue for many a long year. It's hard to say why the event has never drawn a particularly large HSA entry except perhaps that it's perceived to be a relatively far-flung venue. It is however very easy to get to, being not far from J36 on the M6 and once there, the journey is well worthwhile, even from West Sussex, as our chairman Chris Howard-Harris and his co-driver Lynn Gilbert would show! That it was such a hot day was ironic, as Liverpool MC had spent a lot of effort on extensive drainage facilities to combat the problems caused by a waterlogged paddock that had in the past caused not only the abandonment of so many events there, but even the last-minute cancellation of last year's BHC event. However it did mean that most of the HSA records, established in somewhat indifferent conditions on the relatively few previous visits by our Championship, were reset.

Running in the 'B' licence section of the meeting Nigel Trundle, a relatively local driver from Preston, was first into the HSA record books with 17 points in his VW Scirocco in Class A2, where he also took the win in the Barbon class for 2-litre saloons. Another Northern-based driver, Shane Dyson, ran third in the class behind John Pinder's Fiesta ST and picked up 16 points. Ken Morris was pleased to knock more than a second and a half of his own record in A2.1 driving his unfamiliar MX5 Merlot - it isn't a Merlot colour anymore!

The remaining HSA contenders were in the 'A' licence event and defending champion Justin Andrews was out in his Impreza, reshelled after the Gurston incident earlier in the year and now in a sombre shade of black, to collect another HSA record on his first run. His second ended in the outfield at Lafone Hairpin, fortunately without damage. Fellow Impreza driver Chris Berrisford, who was sharing his car with Steven Darley, was awarded the Barbon Roadgoing class win ahead of Andrews, although as he established an HSA C3 record for Modified cars and Darley, chasing Leaders points, ran the car in the Modified class anyway this writer is puzzled as to why the same car should run in two different Barbon classes!

Long distance traveller Chris Howard-Harris ran his Caterham-K series in the Roadgoing Specialist class when at Barbon three years ago. Now in the Modified class, he demolished Graham Mintram's Class D record by almost eight seconds although his time was no match for that of the flying Andy Griffiths, who set a new Barbon class record and retrieved his place at the head of the Hillclimb Leaders table after his damaging accident at Doune a fortnight earlier. Chris's co-driver Lynn Gilbert enjoyed her first visit to the venue, particularly as she was almost six seconds inside the old record! Finally, on this day of records at a sun-baked Barbon, Mark Schlanker and his OMS-Suzuki carved well over four seconds off Nick Scott's Class J record as he ran second to Guernseyman Andy Bougourd in the 1600cc racing class.

Justin Andrews was the first HSA record-breaker at Barbon (whitedogphotography.co.uk)

Lynn Gilbert has little time to look at the Barbon scenery (whitedogphotography.co.uk)

Mark Schlanker was another of the four HSA record-breakers (whitedogphotography.co.uk)

No longer Merlot! A new record for Ken Morris (whitedogphotography.co.uk)

Records targeted at Aintree

Event 20 at Aintree on 30/06/2018

A number of competitors arrived at Aintree intent on establishing new championship and course records. Some were successful and some weren't.

HSA Championship leader, Andrew Webber in his Elan +2, is already dropping scores so in order to extend his lead he needed to set a new record which he duly did. He was joined by Andrew Till, making the long journey up from Melksham, with his MG, Andrew Cottrill who is slowly getting the Impreza going the way he wants it and John Loudon in the Westfield.

John Graham was aiming to break the outright course record in his Gould and in the cooler and still morning conditions this was looking a strong possibility. In the end, though, and despite making one run with a 'no time recorded', he fell just short but took FTD all the same. Chris Jones was in a similar position in the 1100cc class and after morning practice Gary Thomas' long standing (course and championship) record looked to be under threat. However, hotter and windier conditions in the afternoon meant he fell short by a few tenths.

The meeting was well organised and slickly run by the Liverpool Motor Club and four timed runs were on the cards until an unfortunate incident where a Caterham had its steering wheel become disconnected at Bechers and visited the scenery, fortunately without harm to the driver, but causing the meeting to be suspended for a while.

FTD went to John Graham's Gould (Richard O'Reilly)

John Loudon in the Westfield (Brian Taylor)

Shane Dyson's smart Renault 5 GT Turbo (Brian Taylor)

Craig Powers, OMS 2000M (Richard O'Reilly)

The heat is on at Snetterton as Stallard closes the gap

Event 19 at Snetterton on 24/06/2018

The second day of the Borough 19 Snetterton sprint week-end proved to be even hotter than the day before and by the time that timed runs came around most competitors were finding that the conditions had taken the best out of their tyres. Only Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono), Geoff Stallard (Elan) and Paul Wells (still having problems with the Jedi but with only his Saturday time to beat) managed to set new HSA records.

Championship leader, Andrew Webber was present in his Elan +2 (having spent Saturday taking his daughter to the school prom in the first public outing of his Lotus 62) but Geoff Stallard was able to build on his Saturday win to keep ahead on the day and close to within 3 points of Andrew (dropping points now) in the Championship.

John Loudon (Westfield) and Stephen Laing (Caterham) again won their classes but this time John Palmer had Chris Hussey (in Father David's Striker) to contend with and fell short by just under a second.

Pete Goulding again won the Mygale battle but Graham Blackwell closed the gap from the day before and finished only just behind (and made the Top 12 Run Off). Finally, well done to Tony Beesley who took the B meeting FTD in his Jedi.

The Mygale Ecoboosts of Goulding & Blackwell (C Bennett)

John Loudon took a class win in his Westfield (Heritage Snapper)

Tony Beesley (Jedi) took the B meeting FTD (Heritage Snapper)


Event 18 at Prescott on 24/06/2018

For the second day of the June Prescott double-header, 23 SBD-HSA Championship contenders gathered in even warmer weather than they'd enjoyed the previous day to run alongside Midland Hillclimb Championship competitors. Such were the conditions that three of them bettered the HSA records they'd set the previous day. The 2-litre Roadgoing Production class was the most popular division for our competitors, who fielded six out of the 19-strong entry, with three of them in the overall awards at close of play. Top Midland series contenders James Kerr and Richard Brant battled it out for the win in 205 and Clio respectively, but Michael Henney chased them hard to bag a close third place and 15 HSA points in his Elan S3, while the intrepid Martin Ellis in his Escort ran just eight hundredths shy of Henney to not only take the fourth place award but lower his previous day's HSA record. Having established a Prescott S1 record the previous day in his standard Clio, Rob Thomson promptly reset it for another 17-point score and at the end of a busy HSA weekend, which also included a double-header sprint at Snetterton, found himself sixth overall on the Championship table. Not surprisingly, Midlands big-hitters Roy Standley and Paul Harris took the top over 2-litre awards in their Mitsubishi Evos, but HSA man Adam Pemble took fifth in his Celica GT4, a tenth clear of Mike Andrews' burly Nissan GTR, for 8 HSA points.

There were two Imp engines in the opening ModProd class, winner Andy Russell's Ginetta and also HSA contender Graeme Williamson's Hillman Imp saloon, but the top SBD-HSA runner was Martin Rutter's Bertone Fiat X19, third in the overalll lineup. Out in his A35 today, Philip Stader consolidated that fifth place on the table in the 2-litre class, but the large capacity division saw more HSA record-breaking, Jason Tunnicliffe lowering his previous day's mark in the Peugeot to take not only another 17 points but the top class award as he overcame defending Midland champion Mike Turpin's supercharged VX220, pressurising the 5-times series winner into a rare second run spin. Third and fourth, Tunnicliffe's co-driver Tom Reeves and Lotus Esprit driver Nicholas Olson bagged 11 HSA points apiece.

With Ash Mason on record form to reset David Kimberley's Modified Specialist mark, which had stood for an amazing 16 years, and pursued by fellow National level contenders Simon Jenks and Steve Day, Chris Howard-Harris also found himself in the awards with fourth place and a 13-point HSA score aboard his Caterham Superlight K-Series, which left him in the overall HSA top ten. Simon McBeath headed the three HSA points scorers in a 7-strong Formula Ford class, but his Swift had to give best to class winner Simon Andrews' Van Diemen. Driving the sole car-engined machine amid a horde of bike-engined machinery, Championship third place man Fyrth Crosse was top HSA scorer in the 1600cc single-seater class in his classic Ensign F3.

Class winner Jason Tunnicliffe was on HSA record form for the second day running (Derek Hibbert)

Rob Thomson reset his previous day's Class S1 record in the Clio (Derek Hibbert)

Martin Ellis - another to lower his previous day's record (Derek Hibbert)

Hot & sunny at Snetterton

Event 17 at Snetterton on 23/06/2018

The first day of the Borough 19 Snetterton sprint week-end was hot and sunny with the bulk of the SBD HSA Championship competitors also competing in the British Sprint.

With championship leader, Andrew Webber, not due to arrive until the Sunday, Geoff Stallard was keen to set a new HSA Class record in his Elan to keep up the pressure on Andrew. He succeeded and was joined by Simon Bainbridge (SBR Crono), Chris Jones (Force TA) and Matt Hillam (Dallara) who also set new HSA records.

Paul Wells was having a difficult day in the Peter Roberts' Jedi with electrical problems and the team even went to the length of converting from paddle to manual shift over the lunch break. Another Jedi experiencing problems was Nick Houston with his MK2.

Jeff Wiltshire made an appearance in his Zeus Challenger EVO 2. This is the same Zeus that produced the Formula Fords seen on the hills and the car is powered by a turbo 1500cc engine built around a Gen 1 Busa head, a custom block and Hewland transaxle. Needless to say it produces a fair bit of power and it proved to be competitive.

Former HSA champion, John Palmer (Westfield) and B19 committee member, Stephen Laing (Caterham) both won their classes while Ben Wilamowski was out for his third event (following Pembrey & Shelsley) and already looking into ways of making his BMW quicker. It doesn't take long!

Pete Goulding was ahead of Graham Blackwell in the Mygale battle, a reversal of fortunes from Pembrey. Although both cars are the same model the two drivers have gone different ways on set up with Graham opting for the stiffly sprung option.

Jeff Wiltshire's Zeus (C Bennett)

Geoff Stallard set a new HSA record in the Elan (Heritage Snapper)

The Channel Islands sand racers provided variety. This is Scott Rayson (Heritage Snapper)


Event 16 at Prescott on 23/06/2018

No fewer than 37 HSA Championship contenders turned out among the cherry trees in a sunny Prescott paddock for the first day of the Cotswold venue's popular June double-header. This 'Midsummer Melange' meeting had a unique range of classes, the biggest being that for the HSA contenders, four of which, however, opted to compete in the MAC Sunrise Speed Championship class. Of these, Phil Stader, opting to bring his Midget out of his extensive collection and share it with the MAC's David Nursey, was the top scorer. With more points in his A35 the following day, he would finish the weekend lying in a Championship fifth place. Top scorers in the massive, 35-strong HSA class, all of whom collared the 17 points by breaking their respective HSA records, were Andrew Cottrill, his corner-cutting Impreza leading home Tim Richardson's Elise in A3; Martin Ellis in his Mk2 Escort, who outpaced his fellow A2 runner, the now Honda S2000-mounted Dean Cubitt, by over two seconds; Andrew Till's distinctive MG Rover ZR105 and Jason Tunnicliffe, the Peugeot driver managing to steal four tenths over Chris Berrisford's Impreza in A3. Fyrth Crosse and Rob Thomson were the next highest scorers, both on 15 points. A tenth of a second outside his own HSA class record, F3 Ensign driver Crosse would add to his score the following day to end the weekend third overall on the series table, while Thomson established a new Prescott Class S1 record, having got both himself and his absolutely standard Clio well warmed up after a series of 'red flag' re-runs!

It was single-seaters versus 'Locaterfields' to the fore on scratch in the dedicated HSA class. Stephen Potter set the outright pace in his OMS with a 42.58 while experienced National campaigner Simon Jenks, although not registered for the Championship, closed to within half a second in his Caterham-Suzuki. Despite a problematic first run, Mark Schlanker carved through the field for third place in his OMS-Honda to edge out the flame-spitting Westfield-Vauxhall of 2007 HSA champion John Bradshaw. Bradshaw in turn headed HSA chairman Chris Howard-Harris as top scorer in the Modified Specialist Production group, Class D enjoying the biggest support with six cars. Simon McBeath led the way in the 4-car Formula Ford scrap, almost a second clear of Charlie Reilly in a Swift/Van Diemen duel.

Stephen Potter set the outright pace among the HSA competitors (Derek Hibbert)

John Bradshaw's flame-spitting Westfield headed the Class D runners (Derek Hibbert)

Andrew Cottrill cuts Ettore's fine on his way to an HSA record (Derek Hibbert)

Debbie Dunbar first lady to take FTD at Shelsely

Event 15 at Shelsley Walsh on 17/06/2018

The track was dry and after five days of use in as many weeks, it should have been in good fettle, but times proved to be slower than expected. At about 3pm there were just a few spots of rain, although these were so few and light that they could not be detected on the bonnets or windscreens of the cars in the paddock.

In the standard car (up to 1400cc) class, HSA drivers filled the top 4 places, Leslie Wilson winning in his Clio and reducing the HSA class record by almost 2 seconds! Colin Davies (Honda CivicType R) was also below the old HSA class record one and a quarter seconds behind. HSA man Martin Ellis won the 1400 to 2000cc class in his Escort Mk 2, half a second ahead of Adrian Read’s Elise. Andrew Cottrill made it hat-trick for HSA by easily winning the over 2-litre class in his Impreza (by more than 5 seconds!!) and also broke his own 2013 HSA class record so gaining him 17 championship points and 5th place overall in the championship.

Anthony Shearman (Caterham 310R with ‘standard’ 150bhp Ford engine) continued HSA’s winning streak in class B1/B2 for road-going specialist production cars by a tenth from the Tiger R6 of Lee Gavins. Lee had been leading the class after the first runs, but a ‘clean’ (no damage) spin in the Esses on his second run let Shearman get ahead.

In the Modified Prod cars upto 2 litres, the impressive Sarah Bosworth (Elise, of course) yet again showed the men how to do it - winning the class by almost a second – pity she is not an HSA member! In the over 2-litre class Chris Berrisford’s Impreza was fastest of the day at 31.28s – until the single-seater boys and girls did their stuff. But Chris won the class with a full one-second advantage over runner-up Keith Bristow (Exige V6). In class D for Modified Specialist Production Cars, the 1-litre Raw Striker of HSA driver James Robertson took a narrow win over Chris Goodreds’ 2-litre Caterham. Paul Batey (HSA - 1000cc Rawlson Space-frame Stiletto) won his class by almost three seconds over 2-litre opposition.

The only real drama of the day was provided by Karl Schollar in his amazing 6-wheeled Spectre in the up to 1100cc racing car class. In practice he had an intermittent loss of power which he thought was likely to be an electrical/wiring fault or perhaps spark plugs. Unfortunately the plugs are easily accessible in that car, so it was unlikely that things would be any better on the timed runs. Actually they got much worse. On the approach to kennel bend the go-kart inspired machine visited first the left-hand bank and then nosed into the right-hand bank to its detriment – had the engine suddenly found full power again? Fortunately, no injury to the driver – except his wallet perhaps. Clive Austin (Empire Wraith) took the class win in 28.67, with HSA driver Steven Potter (OMS 2000M) just 0.6 seconds down.

In the over-1100cc racing car class, the women were the sensation of the meeting. First, Lindsay Summers (HSA) shot up the hill in her 2.5 litre DJ Firestorm in 28.34s to record the fastest time so far, only for her co-driver Debbie Dunbar to post an amazing 26.88s. Both ladies went quicker still on their second runs with Lindsay posting a 28.08s followed soon after by Debbie setting FTD in a terrific 26.46s run – it looked ever-so quick!

In the classic and one-make classes, Geoff Stallard (HSA) was fastest in his highly modified Elan (35.24s) but Bill Drysdale’s Porsche 904 (38.99s) won on handicap. Sarah Thorne in her Lotus 61/69 special won the classic racing car class on handicap (34.64s) with Keith Harris (Chevron B25) recording the best time in the class in just under 30 seconds.

Tom Whittaker in his glorious Aston GT4 won his AMOC Championship class.In the Morgan 8 class, Peter Garland had difficulties on the start line. He aborted his first start when the traffic lights went from green to red just as he set off, so he was given a second attempt. Then the car stumbled as it left the line and stopped before the rear wheels had crossed the start line – so a false start and he was given a third attempt! That was no better – worse in fact, as again the engine bogged down and he stopped again, but this time his rear wheels had crossed the start line by about 1 inch, so he was given a failed run. At the 2nd timed runs, there were no problems for him, the Morgan rushing up the hill in a most impressive way to record 32.11s and the class win.

In the Welsh Association of Motor Clubs Trident Championship class there were just three entries with the win going to the supercharged Elise driven by Ben Burggraaf. Tim Pennington won the Westfield SCC class in 31.36s. The meeting concluded with 13 Triumph cars of TR3/TR4/ Dolly Sprint/Vitesse/GT6/TR6/TR7/TR8 varieties. Unsurprisingly, Steve Small’s 4.6 TR7V8 won in 34.67s, more than 4 seconds quicker than runner-up Nick Smith (TR6).

Of the 18 classes run by MAC, six were won by HSA drivers and one was 2nd FTD.

The new record at Shelsley? In a 113-years, Debbie Dunbar became the first lady to win Shelsley outright – congratulations Debbie – your name will, for ever, be in the list of Shelsley FTD winners.

Debbie Dunbar set an historic FTD in the DJ Firestorm (R McDonald)

Ben Wilamowski guides his BMW through the Esses (R McDonald)

Anthony Shearman, class winner in the Caterham 310R (R McDonald)

Records tumble at Curborough

Event 14 at Curborough on 10/06/2018

HSA Speed Championship enjoyed a successful day at the Owen Motoring Club's traditional Graham Hill Sprint held on the Corborough Fig 8 course.

Leslie Wilson, Nick Tearle (both in Clios), Andrew Cottrill (Impreza), Geoff Stallard (TVR), Andrew Webber (Elan +2), Mike Henney (Elan), Philip Stader (Alfa), Steven Potter (OMS) and Pete Goulding (Mygale) all broke the existing class records.

Chris Green took FTD in his OMS 28 with a 53.11s run from Pete Goulding's Mygale and Steven Potter's OMS.

Chris Green lifts a wheel on his way to FTD (Melvyn Cox)

Mark Williams tries to lift 2 wheels in the Clio (Melvyn Cox)

Marin Parkes' immaculate Imp (Melvyn Cox)

Stallard halts Webber's charge at Pembrey

Event 13 at Pembrey on 03/06/2018

By completing a Pembrey maximum score double Geoff Stallard halted Andrew Webber's increasing lead in the SBD HSA Speed Championship. In the battle of the Lotus Elans Geoff came out on top again on the Sunday leaving Andrew (who is already dropping scores) unable to increase his Championship lead.

The same 28 HSA stayed on for Day 2 of the Pembrey Sprint week-end and enjoyed even warmer weather which caused many competitors to 'plateau' andstruggle to improve their times. One such was Adam Phelps (Westfield Busa) who was frustrated after recording indentical practice and T1 times and go slower on T2 - but he still came out on top of all the HSA Class D competitors including former champions Howard-Harris and Bradshaw and John Loudon who was second. Elen Worthington overcame thie problem by putting on slicks for T2 in her Elise and found 3.5 secs! Also going quicker was Ben Wilamowski having his first ever Sprint week-end (and lots of fun) in his perfectly standard BMW 318is - it would have eligible for the Standard Class except for its age.

Also setting new HSA Class records were Simon Bainbridge (SBR Chrono) and Robert Thomson (Clio).

Anthony Shear an used his extensive racing experience to get his Caterham commendably close to Mike Smith’s Striker while in the 1100cc Racing Car class Chris Jones continued to dominate but Martin Pickles reversed the order from Saturday to finish second ahead of Chris Bennett. In the battle of the. Mygales Pete Goulding closed to within half a second of Graham Blackwell

Carole Nicholls enjoying Pembrey in her Nike (Kim Broughton)

John Bradshaw is still getting to grips with his new Westfield (Kim Broughton)

Too hot in Wales?

Event 12 at Pembrey on 02/06/2018

It was great to catch up with fellow HSA Members whilst sitting outside the circuit gates on the Friday afternoon before the Pembrey Double Header, but that was all that was good about it. Once in to the venue we all settled down to a good weekend’s competition.

A large entry, problems with timing equipment, and limited track visibility from the control tower, lead to a slow day on the Saturday, with entrants in the Paul Matty series once again concerned about whether they would get their second timed runs before the curfew. Happily everyone got their runs and times improved throughout the day on a warm dry track. However despite the good conditions, with the exception of Robert Thomson in S1, Geoff Stallard in U2 ,and Chris Jones in Class I, none of the HSA competitors could beat the existing Class records.

Rob Thomson won his Class on the Saturday moving the S1 Class record on and Geoff Stallard beat his own longstanding U2 record on the Saturday to earn maximum points and hold back Andy Webber, who is currently leading the championship.

Chris Jones also won his Class, with dual drive partner Chris Bennett making it a one two on the Saturday. Chris Jones also set a new Class I record of 97.07s after his main competition, Ian Parr, was sidelined following a spin in his Jedi which destroyed his starter (replaceable) and his clutch (a bigger problem)

Competitors on the Sunday paid the price for the slow running on the Saturday and practice was curtailed to one run, whilst the organisers caught up with the top 12 run offs from the previous day. Generally, due to the heat, times were slower on the Sunday and this was particularly noticeable on the majority of last timed runs.

Nevertheless a good weekend of competition, albeit there were a few organisational issues which marred the weekend for some.

Paul Meadows in C2 won his class on both days, but was left chasing the 115.04 set by Colin Satchell in his very rapid Peugeot 205. Similarly Adam Phelps in Class D drove well all weekend and was consistently in the 107’s, but he still couldn’t quite get to Matt Hillam’s record of 105.42. It was good to see Matt and the SBD Westfield back out on track for the weekend.

Steve Broughton in Class K was second in Class on the Saturday with dual driver Matt Hillam taking 3rd behind him

Zoe Kingham's first event in the SBD Westfield

Dual drive duo Zoe & Anthony Shearman

John Bradshaw,Carole Nicholls and Spanner (Hazel), John Loudon and Paul Meadows

Warm Wales assists front runners

Event 11 at Llandow on 12/05/2018

16 HSA members made the journey to Llandow in South Wales and the weather was kind to them – even though it rained the previous evening, the day dawned with sunshine to dry the circuit, although some would no doubt claim that first practice was damp, but at the point where it counts the timed runs were dry with occasional burst of sunshine. With such a wet start to the season we have all become a bit obsessed with the weather.

In class A1 we had Bob Ridge-Stearn in his new Fiat Panda and Andrew Till in the MG ZR105 94.30 competing against a very quick class record of 90.02.

In class B1 Anthony Sherman recently moved to B1 and dual driving his Caterham with daughter Zoe, ended on an 87.24, but Mike Smith took first in class on 86.43.

In the highly competitive class D, Adams Phelps won with an excellent 73.91, which goes to show how amazing the long-standing class record set by Matt Hillam of 72.54 really is. Adam was 4th overall on the day. Also in class were Chris Howard-Harris 77.36, Charlotte Phelps 79.44, James Robertson 79.86 and Lynn Gilbert 79.89. All 5 competitors finished in the top 12.

In class F Luke Trotman was first in class, and 5th overall, with his run of 75.48, which was agonisingly close to the class record of 75.38.

In U2 Geoff Stallard, Andrew Webber and Callum Barney all beat the existing class record of 101.6 – Geoff by over 12 seconds!

In class W Fyrth Crosse also moved the HSA record with his run of 80.69 against the Llandow record of 82.57

At this early point in the season Andrew Webber and Fyrth Crosse are leading the overall championship and their performances at Llandow have strengthened their position – however there is still a long way to go.

The championship moves on to Pembrey on the 2nd and 3rd June – lets hope Wales can deliver another weekend of fair weather.

Andrew Webber breaking for Bus Stop

Bob Ridge-Stearn explores the limits of the Panda

Mike Smith's Westfield through Bus Stop

Wheeler again at Werrington

Event 10 at Werrington on 06/05/2018

Ben Wheeler repeated his FTD performance from the Saturday on the second day of Plymouth Motor Club's May Werrington week-end with a 33.19s run in his Empire Evo 2. He was again followed by Andrew Forsyth (OMS CF04) and Mike Lee (OMS 3000M).

Martin Ellis (Escort MK2) and Andrew Webber (Elan +2) were both able to put their Saturday runs to good use by setting new HSA records on the Sunday. In fact the 1800cc Roadgoing Series Production Class saw one of the tightest finishesimaginable. Tony Wiltshire won in his Elise with a 41.72s followed by Saturday winner, James Hudson's Golf on 41.73s (set on T1) and Martin Ellis also on a 41.73s but set on T2.

Fyrth Crosse was unable to improve on his Saturday time but got close to score well. With Adam Steel not present on the Sunday it was left to Ben Bonfield to take the 1100cc Racing Car Class in his Jedi MK4.

Andrew Dinner reversed his Saturday position by taking a close win (0.10s) from Dave Gardner in the battle of the Pilbeams.

A class win for Andrew Dinner's Pilbeam (Howie Fowler)

Fyrt Crosse had a successful week-end in the Ensign (Howie Fowler)

Wheeler's Empire on top at Werrington

Event 9 at Werrington on 05/05/2018

Ben Wheeler took his 1600 Busa engined Empire Evo 2 to FTD (33.50s) on the first day of Plymouth Motor Club's May Werrington week-end. He was followed by Andrew Forsyth's OMS CF04 (34.59s) and regular Wiscombe front runner, Mike Lee's 'new' OMS 3000M on 35.16s.

The very competitive 1800cc Roadgoing Series Production class saw the Class win go to James Hudson's Golf followed by Tony Wiltshire's Elise and a maximum HSA points scoring (new record) Martin Ellis' Escort who had it all to do on his second run after a fail on the first. Andrew Webber was in the same Class and again scored well to keep him well up in the HSA Championship.

Elsewhere, Adam Steel predictably won the 1100cc Racing Car Class in the very rapid Martlet AS1 while in the 1600cc Class Fyrth Crosse set a new HSA record in his Ensign LNF3 and in the 2000cc Class Speedscene columnist, Andrew Dinner (Pilbeam MP82), was narrowly beaten (by 0.08s) by Dave Gardner's earlier (MP62) model.

FTD went to Ben Wheeler in the Emoire (Howie Fowler)

Martin Ellis was going well in the MK2 Escort (Howie Fowler)

Webber extends lead at Goodwood

Event 7 at Goodwood on 28/04/2018

Andrew Webber may only have been able to take a single run at Goodwood on April 28th but it was good enough for third in Class on the day and break the HSA Class record by seven seconds to secure maximum points and move even further ahead in the SBD HSA Speed Championship.

Ten HSA Speed Series entrants made it as far as a chilly south coast for the seasons 7th round at Goodwood to enjoy the sprint organised by Bognor Regis Motor Club. The event was full with a field of 100 cars filling the neat paddock bays. The season’s weather continues to be unpredictable but fortunately torrential rain on Friday night was replaced with grey but dry skies on Saturday.

Andrew Till in a competitive class, took 3rd with his first timed run, beating his own A1 HSA record by 0.6 seconds for a maximum score. Mike Smith was sadly on his own in B1, valiantly battling his own class record, set before the recent Road Going tyre rule changes, but ended up 0.8 seconds off.

There was no existing record for Class D, so this was set by Chris Howard-Harris at 90.69s, Chris also took the class win, and 9th overall on the day. Clive Wooster was on his own in Class F and so was left battling with the single seaters for overall position. Malcolm Boorman in his OMS 2000M took FTD with a very rapid 80.01s, with the HSA’s Bill Gouldthorpe in second with another maximum score; Bill beating his own existing Class record by nearly 2 seconds. Clive was 4th overall.

Behind the single seaters in the top 5 places came the Caterhams, who took up the remaining top ten spots, led by Rob Margel in his Caterham Hayabusa.

Clive Wooster readies the Radical for another run (Sean Barriskill)

Spring at last at Loton

Event 5 at Loton Park on 14/04/2018

The weather gods offered their first slight smile of the season at Loton, and despite the damp week before, Saturday dawned dry. The hill was inevitably and typically slippy for first practice, but in the afternoon the sun came out and actually started to put some heat in to the tarmac.

The entry list of 160 competitors and the green track led to a slow morning and a late lunch, with the event only rescued from an even later finish by the arrival of the sun. The pheasants at last learnt that motorsport can be dangerous and stopped wandering across the track.

Jamie Yapp, the sole HSA competitor in A1 was battling his own class record, eventually taking two seconds off it, and taking first in class.

The HSA S1 Class, competed in a large and competitive 1B class on the day, and although they could not trouble the front runners in 1B, Rob Thomson and Leslie Wilson beat the existing S1 class record in their Renault Clios, Rob moving it by over 3.5 seconds. Also in the same Class were Colin and Sarah Davies with their Civic Type R after a couple of seasons in a BMW.

Andrew Cottrill continued his run of moving his own A3 class records just south of their previous time, and also took the overall 1C Class win on the day.

Modified Specialist Production Cars saw a good battle between former HSA Champions, John Bradshaw and Chris Howard-Harris, with John taking the Class win, but it will take more practice, and a warmer day before Andy Dunbar’s 52.44s class record is beaten.

In Classic Saloons and Sports cars Andrew Webber (Elan +2) and Phillip Stader (a very lovely Austin A35) both scored well and took over the top 2 spots in the HSA Championship.

It was a Summers day in single seaters with Felix Summers taking the merged Racing Cars Up To 600cc and Up To 1100cc Class in the DJ Firehawk with a 49.84s - good enough for second FTD and the only other driver to break 50s. Alex and Richard Summers, in the Van Diemen RF80, took first and second respectively in a massive, 15 strong Class 9A of Formula Fords, which included the HSA J1 Class. Alex's time was particularly impressive as it was only a few tenths off the FF record on what was a 'slow' day and in an older car.

FTD went to Will Hall with a 47.16s in the Force WH.

Top marks for entertainment goes to the Sidecars, not only do you have to think about you, the vehicle and the track, there has to be total trust and understanding between driver and co-pilot. Great as always to watch.

Phillip Stader's Classic Austin A35 (Rob McDonald)

Sidecar entertainment at Loton (Geoff Robinson)

Will Hall took FTD in the Force WH (Ian Dowding)

Andrew Cottrill was in fime form in the Impreza (Rob McDonald)

Sketchley Cleans Up Again at Anglesey International Circuit Sprint

Event 4 at Anglesey on 08/04/2018

Round 4 of the SBD HSA Speed Championship was held on 8 April 2018, using the longer International circuit, again organised by Longton and District MC. The conditions were warm and dry for the seven HSA contenders, and again up to six timed runs were on offer for those who wished to take them. This time only one runner appeared in (HSA) class A2, namely Alistair Clark ( Lotus Elise S1) on 117.27.

John Loudon again ran solo in Class D, setting a time of 91.61 seconds, (although he then improved to a very rapid 88.98 on T5).

The 5 HSA classic car class U2 runners all stayed for day two. This time, Geoff Stallard in the TVR came out on top with a time of 104.57, setting a new class record and edging out Andrew Webber ( Elan +2) on 105.89 and Philip Stader (Alfa Berlina) on 109.11. Mike Henney (Elan S3) recorded 109.18 and Callum Barney (Cortina GT) 120.73.

Glyn Sketchley scored another fine FTD with his 1298 cc Force PT, recording 84.00 seconds at an average speed of 82.79mph on his third timed run, and passing through the speed trap at an impressive 134.2mph.

Callum Barney's Cortina (Neil Lambert)

Alistair Clark's Elise S1 (Neil Lambert)

Two more FTDs for Glyn Sketchley

Cold and Wet Anglesey National Circuit Sprint

Event 3 at Anglesey on 07/04/2018

The National circuit at Anglesey was the venue for round 3 of the SBD HSA Speed Championship on 7 April 2018, although only one lap of the circuit was used on this occasion. The conditions were cold and wet for the nine HSA contenders, and up to six timed runs were on offer for those with sufficient stamina, although only the first two counted for championship points. Three of these runners appeared in (HSA) class A2, led by Neil Trundle (VW Scirocco) on 71.50 seconds, followed by Shane Dyson ( Renault 5 GT turbo ) on 75.10 and then Alistair Clark ( Lotus Elise S1) on 78.42.

John Loudon ran solo in Class D, setting a time of 67.64 seconds.

The classic car class U2 is staging a comeback this year, with no fewer than 5 HSA runners spread across several event classes. Of these, the top three were extremely close, with Andrew Webber (Lotus Elan +2) on top with 73.01, then Philip Stader (Alfa Romeo Berlina) 73.18 and Geoff Stallard (TVR Vixen) on 73.34 seconds. Mike Henney (Elan S3) recorded 76.87 and Callum Barney (Ford Cortina GT) 84.81.

Glyn Sketchley scored a fine FTD with his 1298 cc Force PT, recording 60.91seconds at an average speed of 61.0 on his third timed run.

Nigel Trundle's Scirocco (Neil Lambert)

Mike Henney's Elan S3 (Neil Lambert)

Records tumble at Rockingham

Event 2 at Rockingham on 25/03/2018

The second day of the season’s opening weekend dawned damp and cool over a somewhat bleak looking Rockingham circuit. The overnight rain combined with the detritus of the previous days track day to produce a circuit fit for Torvill and Dean. Early runners in first practice tiptoed and pirouetted around the track, conditions were so slippery that when conditions improved, a number of drivers improved by over 21 seconds between their first and second practice runs.

24 HSA competitors arrived at Rockingham, 7 of whom had been at Castle Coombe the previous day – a great turn out for so early in the year. When the sun came out, times tumbled and class records that had at first looked unachievable started to fall – in fact 6 HSA class records were broken at Rockingham. Not bad for a cool day in mid March.

Firstly, in class A1, it was Andrew Till posting a creditable 92.19s, against the previous HSA class record of 94.26s, who began the record breaking; though his class was won on the day with a very quick 88.00s.

Andrew Cottrill in A3 was on excellent form in the Subaru Impreza, winning his class, and beating his own class record by 0.18s.

In Classic Modified Specialist Saloon and Sports Cars (pre‘76) Philip Stader, Andrew Webber and Mike Henney all beat Mike’s existing HSA class record, Andrew coming out on top in the Lotus Elan with an excellent 86.30s – bettering the class record by nearly 4 seconds.

Simon Bainbridge competing in his SBR Chrono V8, against Matt Carter’s 68.16s class record, beat it with a 67.85s on his final run. Steve Miles took FTD with a 67.96s in his Van Diemen on his own in the up to 2000cc Racing Car class.

And lastly, Class L saw a two way battle between Pete Goulding and Graham Blackwell, Pete winning with a new class record of 68.35s, over a second ahead of the previous time.

Elsewhere, George Haynes took the class win but will be ruing that his 81.34s was just 0.12s short of a new class record in J1, and in Class I, Racing Cars over 600cc and up to 1100cc, the three HSA competitors Tony Beesley, Stuart Bickley and Martin Pickles took the top three places in their Jedi’s– Tony winning with a 69.97s.

Well done to all the class winners – it already looks like it will be a very competitive season – those winter upgrades are paying dividends already.

Graham Blackwell, class winner and 4th overall (S Santos-Wing)

Steve Miles took FTD in the Van Diemen (S Santos-Wing)

A new HSA record for Andrew Webber's Elan (S Santos-Wing)

Graham Mintram has swapped his Phoenix for a Delta HF (S Santos-Wing)

Crosse, Webber & Gouldthorpe front runners at Combe

Event 1 at Castle Combe on 24/03/2018

The SBD HSA Speed Championship's traditional Castle Combe opener on March 24th welcomed competitors with typical early Spring weather. Cold and damp. For the single practice run on this 1 3/4 lap configuration there was plenty of standing water and even a couple of small piles of snow at the side of the track. Spins were numerous along with early season glitches including Pete Goulding's Mygale which suffered ECU problems which were only really resolved in time for his final Top 12 Run Off run but left him with a poor HSA score.

The capacity entry included 20 HSA competitors starting with ex Motorcycle racer Charles White in his Elise in 2000cc Series Production. Late arrival (!) Tim Richardson found 12 seconds on his second run in his Elise 250 to tie for third in 2600cc Series Production class with Dave Greenslade's Lancer. They were only three tenths behind Simon Clemow (sharing the Greenslade Lancer) but some way behined the class winning and very rapid Fiesta of Pete Goodman.

There was a good turnout of MX5s in the Bristol MX5 Challenge class with only a few seconds covering the top half dozen drivers and Tom Caldecourt taking the win. Across the classes there were 18 MX5s entered but sadly none from the HSA owing to the heavy oversubscription.

Striker driver, Mike Smith, won his Specialist Production class but was a little short of his own HSA record while similarly mounted local man, James Robertson, was up against Bob Bellerby's very fast Riot in the Modified class. Following some winter work including attention to the cooling system James wasn't able to match the Riot's pace but still scored decent HSA points.

With Andrew Webber, joining the swelling ranks in the Saloon and Sports car class there is going to be some good competition this year. At Combe Andrew's Elan finished just ahead of Philip Stader's Alfa to take a maximum points score as did Bill Gouldthorpe (OMS ) and Fyrth Crosse (Mallock).

Carole Nicholls brought along her Nike MK4 which is co owned with her sister. The car was the second FF Nike built by their Father, Ken Nicholls and was recently re-patriated from France. Special mention goes to Luke Trotman in his Mallock MK18B who, after a fail on T1, set an impressive 136.16s on T2 which would have qualified him for the British Sprint Run Off.

Luke Trotman was in fine form in the Mallock (A Mitchelmore)

Philip Stader's Alfa (A Mitchelmore)

Carole Nicholls in the Nike MK4 (A Mitchelmore)

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