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+The HSA championship calender has been announced for next season, together with confirmation that the series will again receive backing from Richard Egger Insurance.  This is very good news and is the natural evolution of the successful relationship developed with Aldon Automotive.  The championship now boasts 24 rounds at a wide range of venues across the country.  A mix of sprints and hill climbs is on offer and a number of two day rounds and back-to-back meetings are planned.  The season will kick off in April and run throughout the summer and autumn until October, with the traditional final round organised by the HSA at Curborough.  Class structure will remain as run this year and, the new scoring system operated will remain in place, with points allocated for both relative time and position.
Championship registration arrangements will be announced shortly and are likely to include on-line payment provisions (PayPal).


Many competitors have already signed up to attend the Awards lunch and it looks set to be a busy afternoon; Steve Wilkinson will be hosting and offering the audience his 'birds-eye' round up of our Championship year,  there are more than 40 awards to be presented, not to mention some interesting photo footage to be seen. Maybe those yet undecided might be pursuaded by news that the provisional 2009 calendar will also be 'unveiled'. A website announcement will follow during the following week.  


As broadcast on the Motors TV channel in November, these two hour-long seasonal reviews are now both available from Brayspeed on DVD in widescreen format. They cover the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship and the Gates of Brockenhurst Gurston Down Championship. These specially produced programmes include all the top action and many of Tony Wiltshire’s penetrating interviews as featured on the regular programmes, each with an all-new commentary by Jerry Sturman. For full details and selected video excerpts, visit: www.brayspeed.co.uk



2008 Awards Lunch booking forms available

The awards luncheon for the 2008 Richard Egger Insurance HSA Speed Championship will be held at the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon on Sunday December 7th.

You can download booking forms here.
NOTE: In Speedscene Issue 150 there are a couple of references to the cost of the lunch being £25. This is a misprint and the price that appears on the booking form (£27) is the correct one. We apologise for the confusion

2009 Calender Taking Shape...

Barely has the dust settled following the highly successful season finale at Curborough, when thoughts already begin to ponder what's in store for next year.  Work is well underway on developing the calender for next season with the usual favorites amongst competitors continuing to feature, along with some new venues to challenge both newcomers and veterans alike.  With a wide array of 'new format' championship class records now firmly established, another exciting season is in prospect. 
A balanced mixture of hillclimbs and sprints will continue to be offered.  Several 'double headers' and back-to-back saturday and sunday meetings are also planned taking in two separate meetings at nearby venues for those who would like to make a weekend of it.
Watch this space for announcements and news.

Final 2008 HSA Speed Championship positions

The final 2008 Richard Egger Insurance HSA Speed Championship positions have been announced. The top five places are
Overall winner: John Palmer
2nd place: Steve Filkin
3rd place: Tony Jarvis

4th place: Brian Ball

5th place: Fyrth Crosse

The class awards are:

(A1.)    1st: Steven Lane   2nd: Jamie Yapp

(A2.)   1st: Steve Filkin   2nd: Matt Carter   3rd: Ian Bennett

(A2.1.) 1st: Barbara Fogden   2nd: Chris Bound

(A3.)   1st: Robert Haigh    

(B1.)    1st: John Palmer   2nd: John Bradshaw        

(B2.)    1st: Robert Gale

(C1.)   1st: Wil Ker   2nd: Steve Harris

(C2.)   1st: Emerson Kent   2nd: Philip Skipp       

(C3.)   1st: Neil Duncanson

(D.)      1st: Ed Bradshaw

(F.)      1st: Lindsay Mercer   2nd: James Tearle

(G.)     1st: Robin Judge

(H.)     1st: Brian Ball   2nd: Peter Roberts

(I.)       1st: Neville Thomson   2nd: David Owen
 (J.)     1st: Hugh Teagle   2nd: Michael Jenkins

(J1.)   1st: Tony Jarvis              

(J2.)   1st: Craig Bates   2nd: Kerry Waine            

(K.)     1st: Paul Tinsley

(L.)     1st: Christopher Machell          

(N.)     1st:  Stuart Cainey           

(P.)     1st:  Eric Morrey           

(U.)     1st:  Hugh Whitcombe           

(V.)     1st:  Lyn Padfield   2nd: Johnathan Plowe            

(W.)   1st:  Fyrth Crosse           

(W2.)  1st:  John Burton           

(X.)     1st:  Mike Broome 
Congratulations to all competitors for a successful season and to the top five finishers overall along with the Class award winners. We look forward to seeing our 2008 competitors and their guests on December 7th at the Awards Lunch at the Motor Heritage Centre.


In autumnal Curborough sunshine, John Palmer secured his sixth HSA Speed Championship title in style with a new class record at Curborough on Sunday. ‘Conditions were ideal this afternoon,’ said Palmer. ‘I was determined to break my old record that’s stood for over five years. ‘I’d beaten it before by two hundredths during a run-off, which didn’t count, but it’s good to have taken four hundredths off officially.’ His Westfield Zetec S left Curborough’s 1700 Roadgoing Specialist Production Car mark at 33.49 sec.

            Rival Steve Filkin in his Elise, who Palmer had beaten to the Paul Matty Midland Sprint title only the previous weekend at Curborough, had to also settle for second place in the Richard Egger Insurance backed HSA Championship. However long time series sponsor Alan Goodwin had a field day each weekend, with both cars powered by engines from his Aldon Automotive stable.

            After pipping equally hard trying Mini driver Hugh Whitcombe to the class win on his second run, the spectacular Matt Clarke found another half second to win the coveted Alan Payne Memorial Trophy for victory in the 16-strong class winners’ run-off. FTD went to Jeremy Wilson after not only he but his closest challengers, Curborough expert Glyn Sketchley in his 1100 Megapin-Yamaha and Simon Marsh in the Gould-Opel V6 went a little agricultural on their second runs!

            Full Championship results are now available elsewhere on the HSA website here, and a full report of the meeting will appear in issue 151 of Speedscene.



A delighted Graeme Wight Jr scored the first British Hillclimb Championship victory for his awesome V10 Predator on home turf at Doune, edging out Martin Groves by two hundredths of a second to win the opening run-off. Trailing smoke from a blown gearbox towards the end of the second shoot-out, he all but matched his earlier pace but had to settle for settle for second place after a superb closing effort by Groves. With traces of Wight’s gearbox oil still on the track on the final bend, the outgoing British champion took the win a mere hundredth of a second outside his outright hill record.

            Despite clipping the notorious Doune barriers during the first run-off, Trevor Willis chased the leaders hard for third place each time in the OMS-Powertec. Another fine drive by Paul Haimes, who also had to contend with the oily track during the final run-off of the season, saw the 2-litre Dallara driver survive intense pressure from Wight Jr to hang on to his coveted tenth place on the Championship table by a single point from the Scot. But earlier, in a last round duel, Haimes’ bid to take the PowerMec Leaders Championship crown failed when a class win for Pilbeam-Millington sportscar driver Simon Fidoe secured the class-based title.

Final British Hillclimb Championship positions: 1 Scott Moran 265pts; 2 Martin Groves 247; 3 Trevor Willis 209; 4 Roger Moran 178; 5 Chris Merrick 170; 6 Jos Goodyear 133; 7 Paul Ranson 123; 8 Basil Pitt 96; 9 Deryk Young 76; 10 Paul Haimes 63; etc.


A full set of 1-hour Brayspeed DVDs covering Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb rounds at Gurston, Shelsley, Loton Park, Doune, Bouley Bay, Le Val des Terres, Wiscombe and Prescott, plus all four rounds of the Gates of Brockenhurst Gurston Down Championship, is now available. For full details and selected video excerpts, visit: www.brayspeed.co.uk




Despite having already lost this year’s British Hillclimb Championship to Scott Moran, Martin Groves showed he’d lost none of his fighting spirit as he stormed to the double run-off win and FTD at Loton Park, resetting Moran’s hill record by three hundredths of a second on his final run with a 44.53. At the end of another typically all-out performance by the outgoing champion, he’d exceeded Moran’s total of wins this year and equalled the new champion’s number of 2008 records.

            Scott didn’t get the chance to retaliate as his Gould was sidelined for the day after a steering rack ball-joint broke – at 120mph on Cedar Straight – during his father Roger’s first qualifying run of the day. Roger escaped unscathed after a happily minor off-course excursion, but with nothing more to prove this year they took the decision to withdraw the car.

            Still with an outside chance of catching Groves on the Championship table, Trevor Willis ran him close in the opening run-off before qualifying top for the second shoot-out, but then spun the OMS-Powertec out of the points at Fletchers. With two spectacular runs in the Predator V10, Graeme Wight Jr gave notice of his intention to return with a vengeance next year with third and second places respectively. The Scot is closing in to threaten Paul Haimes’ tenth place on the series table, and with Haimes also set to challenge fellow class winner Simon Fidoe in a PowerMec Leaders Championship showdown in the remaining round, there will still be plenty to play for at Doune’s Championship finale in a fortnight.

 British Championship standings after Loton Park: 1 Scott Moran 265pts; 2 Martin Groves 228; 3 Trevor Willis 201; 4 Roger Moran 178; 5 Chris Merrick 170; 6 Jos Goodyear 133; etc.


Trevor Willis took the fourth British Hillclimb win of his career and clinched the Midlands based 2008 Avon/BMTR Top Ten Challenge title as he sped to FTD at Prescott on Sunday. With his British title already relinquished to Scott Moran at Gurston a fortnight earlier, Martin Groves won the opening Nicholson McLaren run-off from the howling Predator V10 of Graeme Wight Jr after Willis slipped to ninth after a mistake on the wet track and Moran failed even to qualify. But in the drier second run-off, Willis hit top form with the only sub 40sec run of the day to deny Moran the win.

            With the non-appearance of closest rival Robert Kenrick, Peter Cox clinched the UK Changes Midland Hillclimb title in the big Chevron-Rover B42, giving a huge boost to the increasingly popular pre-86 single seater class on the Midland hills. With two rounds to go, at Loton Park and Doune, the PowerMec Leaders Hillclimb Championship is reaching a climax as a class win for Paul Haimes at Prescott put the 2-litre Dallara driver at the head of the series table, level with Simon Fidoe’s Pilbeam-Millington sportscar.


British Championship standings after Prescott: 1 Scott Moran 265pts; 2 Martin Groves 207; 3 Trevor Willis 194; 4 Roger Moran 178; 5 Chris Merrick 170; 6 Jos Goodyear 118; etc.


Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb - 23/24th August 2008

An excellent selection of high quality colour photographs snapped by Simon McBeath at the recent BHC Gurston Down meeting, including a number of shots of Richard Egger Insurance/HSA Speed Championship contenders are available from: www.maximage.co.uk

RICHARD EGGER INSURANCE/HSA SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP - Round 15, Gurston Down 23/24th August 2008

A great selection of photographs of the action from the recent round supporting the BHC meeting are available from maximage - see the Championship (HSA C'ship) news page for further details.

Regulation queries

We have recently received a couple of queries about regulations that apply to the HSA Speed Championship.
The first is about the use of tyre softeners. We have consulted the blue book and C(b)15 is very clear that they are not permitted and anyone with any concerns in this area should raise the matter with event scrutineers.
The second query is about Section 8 in the HSA Speed Championship regulations which states that points in any eight qualifying events will count.  This does not mean that competitors must take part in 8 events. It means that the best 8 scores will be taken if a competitor has taken part in more than 8 qualifying events. The wording will be updated for 2009.


Mike Endean, MD of Nicholson McLaren who has sponsored the MSA British Hillclimb Championship for the last five years, announced his continued backing for the Championship at Gurston Down’s BHC event in August. In 2009 the series will be supported by Endean’s company MCL Motorhomes, based in North Wales. For more information visit www.mcl-motorhomes.com


After another weekend of misfortune for the Groves/Ranson team, Scott Moran finally secured his first British Hillclimb title at Gurston Down with six rounds in hand.

            Early runner Paul Ranson slid wide over the Karousel rumble strip in the opening run-off, punctured a tyre with a piece of the Gould’s carbonfibre aero diffuser broken in the incident and spun the car at Ashes. Moran stammered up in fifth place with an electrical problem and with a new wheel and tyre in place, penultimate runner Martin Groves set the outright pace, salvaging a reprieve from what was by now his almost inevitable championship fate and handed the win when top qualifier Jos Goodyear slid the Pilbeam-Judd into the Ashes barrier.

            But when Ranson stormed the Gould down into Hollow early in the second shoot-out, the car coasted to a halt with a broken third gear. With no time for repairs, Groves was unable to take his run. Goodyear made amends for his earlier mistake by taking the second British run-off win of his career and FTD in the process. But this fine achievement was a little overshadowed as with just a second place finish and Groves non-starting, a delighted Scott Moran had easily done enough to secure his first British Hillclimb title.

            Scott’s victory also drew a parallel with Graham and Damon Hill in F1 – together with father Roger’s 1997 title, it marked the first father and son championship winning pairing in British hillclimbing.


Championship standings after Gurston Down: 1 Scott Moran, 262pts; 2 Martin Groves 189; 3 Trevor Willis 186; 4 Roger Moran 171; 5 Chris Merrick, 157; 6 Jos Goodyear, 114; etc.


The event also drew a healthy 33 cars and drivers vying for Richard Egger HSA Speed Championship points. With the entry split into two sections for awards purposes, Chris Jones headed the saloon and sports car section with an enterprising couple of runs in the Westfield – rather too enterprising second time up as he spun off into the Karousel infield in an attempt to get on terms with Simonn Braithwaite’s class record, although the win was secure from defending champion John Bradshaw, who took just one run in the Striker. That could have proved Bradshaw's undoing as Neil Duncanson, no stranger to the venue in the big Quattro, closed to within eight hundredths for a strong third place ahead of championship second place man Steve Filkin in the Elise. Wil Ker howled the Mini Turbo home in fifth, while a fine second run by Richard Colwill hauled the Impreza up through the field to complete the top six.

            John Burton and John Opie ruled the racing section in their Steve Owen built Ralt-Vauxhall RT3, Fyrth Crosse finding a massive second run improvement in the historic Ensign to almost get on terms with Opie as he drew clear of Brian Ball’s tiny Force-Yamaha. A fine scrap between Tony Jarvis and Martin Webb in their shared Van Diemen ‘Pterodactyl’ RF 84 was only settled on aggregate in Jarvis’s favour, after both set identical second run times.

            Full report will follow in Speedscene 150.



The weather gods stepped in to move Scott Moran one step further towards a 2008 British Hillclimb title on the very last run of the day at Shelsley Walsh on Sunday.

            After qualifying top with a new class record, Martin Groves went on to set yet another outright Shelsley record, at 22.58s, and win the morning run-off from Moran. He topped the Q-sheets in the afternoon, too, ahead of his rival. But after Moran had edged in front of Groves’ co-driver Paul Ranson, Groves took his final run just as rain started to fall at the top of the hill. Clocking 135mph on the approach, he was a quarter of a second up on Moran to the Esses before he hit the now slippery tarmac. He controlled the slide, but the time was gone and he had to settle for eighth place, leaving Ranson to score a season-best second place – just three hundredths of a second away from his first ever British run-off win.

            Moran’s series lead is now 68 points and although it’s still mathematically possible for Groves to win a fourth successive British title, he will need a string of record-supported wins over the remaining eight rounds with Moran returning a series of mediocre scores, which seems unlikely given the championship leader’s current form.

            Full report in Speedscene 150.


Championship positions after Shelsley Walsh: 1 Scott Moran 247pts; 2 Martin Groves 179; 3 Trevor Willis 172; 4 Roger Moran 155; 5 Chris Merrick 144; 6 Jos Goodyear 104; etc.



London Irish Motor Club Sprint Lydden Hill 16th 17th August

There are still entries available for this coming week end's LIMC 2 Day sprint at Lydden hill…and all for £100 entry. Regs & entry form here.
Note: HSA members are invited although this is not mentioned in the regs.


 Coast Fabrication based in California originally introduced it own design ultra-lightweight racing silencers over 8 years ago. Since then in America they have enjoyed success and been fitted to champion ship winning cars, cars that compete in the Daytona 24hrs and are the specified silencer for the Champ Car Atlantic Championship.

All Coast mufflers feature all stainless steel TIG welded construction and can be repacked.

Speedscene advertiser Merlin Motorsport is now importing and stocking these mufflers in a wide range of sizes. See them on the website www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk or visit the Merlin shop and warehouse at Castle Combe Circuit.
 Over 20 sizes of muffler are available; all for inlets of 3 inches to 5 inches. Speak to Merlin if you have a need for a large bore muffler.

Uninteresting fact!

As of to-day 103 competitors have scored points in the 2008 HSA Speed Championship compared with 102 in both 2007 and 2006. Well now you know!


Two straight run-off wins and a new hill record at Craigantlet boosted Scott Moran’s already healthy lead in the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship. Rival Martin Groves’ Gould didn’t even turn a wheel in anger, a gearbox output shaft breaking as co-driver Paul Ranson brought the car to the line for its very first practice run on the high speed Belfast road course. With no spare available, the car was sidelined for the day and Groves could only watch from the sidelines as Moran stretched his series lead to 63 points.

Having equalled former champion Adam Fleetwood’s outright record at last year’s event, Scott carved a whole quarter of a second off the mark on the very last run of the day and with ten rounds of this year’s championship remaining, must now be a strong favourite for the 2008 title.

A relatively small group of British contenders made the trip across the Irish Sea and with qualification certain – provided they completed the course and got a time – several drivers scored their first ever British points. Among them was Andrew Platt who, with two fifth place finishes in his 2-litre Dallara, moved straight up to 14th place on the championship table. Tom New, however, desperate to gain ground on 2-litre rival Paul Haimes in his absence, crashed out of the opening run-off. Sustaining rear wing and gearbox damage, he failed to add to his score.

            Full report in Speedscene 150.


Championship standings after Craigantlet: 1 Scott Moran 228pts; 2 Martin Groves 165; 3 Trevor Willis 157; 4 Roger Moran 144; 5 Chris Merrick 138; 6 Jos Goodyear 95; etc.



Wiscombe Park celebrated its 50th Anniversary year in style at July’s British Championship meeting. A cavalcade of hillclimb cars and drivers associated with the Devon hillclimb’s history took place at lunchtime, many of which took part in a special class to commemorate the event. Tony Freeman’s picture shows a small cross-section with British champions Chris Cramer, Roger Moran, Tony Marsh and his famous 4WD Marsh Special, together with Martin Groves and Roy Lane, who between them have taken no less than sixteen British titles.

            Groves and Scott Moran took up the cudgels once again in their duel for the 2008 title, with Groves taking his tenth win of the year in the opening run-off to level with Moran’s total. But in the final shoot-out the ever present Trevor Willis, despite bouncing nudging the bank at Sawbench with his OMS-Powertec, split the battling duo as Moran took the win.

            Full report in Speedscene 150 – or check the Woolbridge MC website: www.woolbridge.co.uk

 British Championship standings: 1 Scott Moran 207pts; 2 Martin Groves 165; 3 Trevor Willis 143; 4 Roger Moran 127; 5 Chris Merrick 121; 6 Jos Goodyear 95; etc.

RSSOC event at Curborough on 17th August

HSA members are invited to the Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club organised event at Curborough on August 17th.  Anyone interested should call Eric Morrey on 0116 2477851 for an entry form.


Saturday 12th July saw the return this season of REI/HSA competitors to MIRA joined by the WSCC Speed Series, Sevenoaks & District Speed League, BARC Speed and Paul Matty Sports Cars Midland Sprint Championships.  With only a light shower during morning practice, the threatened wet weather did not materialise and all competition runs were held in near ideal conditions.  Slick and efficient organisation allowed three practice runs to be offered, together with a class winners run-off.  The latter being won by an unusually off-form Darren Gumbley (in light of his victory over very strong opposition at Shelsley the week before) who nevertheless got it together on his last run to win the bubbly!
With most enjoying a trouble-free meeting, there were a few exceptions - Eric Morrey had an eventful morning shearing the Clan gear lever half-way round the course!  This necessitated a rapid dash to a nearby friends for a replacement, whilst Chris Bennett had to replace the throttle cable on his Caterham after finding it had broken!  The unfortunate Craig Bates spun his OMS shortly after leaving the startline for his second run which damaged the front wishbones on both sides of the car, but was fortunately uninjured himself.
Meanwhile during the class runs, a number of notable performances saw several outright MIRA class records, as well as existing 'new format' championship records re-set.  Steve Filkin, Emerson Kent, John Palmer and Sevenoaks & District newcomer, Colin Tester in his Sierra Cosworth all improved upon existing course records in their respective classes.  John Palmer's time being of some note since it improved upon his own 'pre-cones' left-hander record set back in 2002. 
Steve Lane took his Fiesta under 65 secs on his way to the class A1 win.  Steve Filkin took the A2 win with a second run setting another new outright A2 course record.  Welcome returnee David Crawley was narrowly beaten by the impressive Matt Carter in his Honda S2000 on only his first ever visit to the course, which also saw newcomer Chris Bray out for the first time. 
Barbara Fogden ran very strongly to secure the A2.1 MX5 win on her first run from Peter Ash and Chris Bound.  She unfortunately spun away an attempt on the class record approaching the finish line on her second.  John Palmer continues his strong form taking the B1 win ahead of John Bradshaw who was struggling with lack of startline grip.  Mike Gale took the B2 win. 
Another welcome returnee was Simon Andrews who, with co-driver Bernard Kevill spectating at Le Mans, ran on his own and was only narrowly beaten by Phil Skipp.  Both drivers improving upon Simon's own HSA record.  However, Emerson Kent put in the most impressive drives with both runs under the record to leave it firmly in the 53 second bracket. 
In C3 Neil Duncanson and Richard Colwill shadowed one another, recording near identical times but not on the same run!  The result eventually going in Richard Colwill's favour by a scant 1/100th of a second.
Brian Ball ran a strong second in class to the larger engined OMS of Andrew Dobson with both drivers getting under 50 seconds.  Morgan Jenkins took a great FTD following a close dice with Jeremy Wilson; ending the day with only a few tenths separating them.
Paul Tinsley had another strong outing with both runs under his own HSA former record time, whilst Steve Day unfortunately DNS. Both Hugh Whitcomb and Jon Plowe were out again in class U scoring more valuable points. Geoff Stallard ran his Ginetta in class W whilst Fyrth Crosse ran the Mallock, with Geoff just taking the win by only 5/100ths.  John Opie took the Ralt to the win in W2 with two consistent runs in the 48 secs bracket. 
The latest results and  positions are now posted on the championship pages. As the season passes the half-way stage, and leading contenders begin to drop scores the championship remains wide open making it one of the most competitive for many years.

A NEW HILLCLIMB BOOK: FREIK – The Private Life of the Freikaiserwagen

Probably no-one under the age of 70 will remember seeing – and hearing – the Freikaiserwagen in action, but the story of one of the most famous and successful Shelsley Specials of all time, which broke Raymond Mays’ outright hill record in 1949, has at last been published. Written by co-constructor Hugh Dunsterville and his son Rob, it tells the complete story of the machine that was first conceived in the mid-1930s and, after a complete rebuild from surviving parts after the war, went on to achieve almost legendary status before its life, and sadly that of its driver, Joe Fry, ended at Blandford hillclimb in 1950. The 112 page book, packed with historic photographs, is available by post from the publisher: Midland Automobile Club (Est.1901 Ltd), Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, Worcester, WR6 6RP at £15.00 inc p&p.

            A full review will appear in Speedscene 149.



Successful Curborough Sprint Course Repairs

The ever popular course operated by Shenstone and District Car Club has been enhanced by successful repair work that should improve both the single and double lap event formats.

Following the drainage relief works undertaken during the spring, the latest work has been focused on the course itself.  The course now benefits from a re-surfaced start area and repairs to both the paddock rise and flagpole corner.  The repairs to paddock bend should now enable all cars to use the full width of the road at this formidable corner.


Malcolm’s funeral will take place at 10.15am on Friday, June 11th, at Redditch Crematorium. There will a service afterwards at Earlswood Methodist Church. 





On a weekend in which conditions alternated between torrential rain and bright sunshine, a limited choice of tyres confined British Hillclimb Championship leader Scott Moran to fifth place in the wet opening run-off at Harewood. Martin Groves continued his championship fightback to take the win, almost a second clear of the hot favourite in the conditions, Trevor Willis.  But when sunshine and a dry track greeted competitors in the afternoon shoot-out Moran approached hill record pace, storming to victory over Groves with the only sub-50sec run of the weekend and maintaining a healthy 40-point series lead over the defending champion.

            Amid a strong contingent of Richard Egger HSA Championship contenders, John Palmer boosted his score with a good run for fourth place in the 2-litre ModProd class and Fyrth Crosse enjoyed his first visit to Harewood as he took on the bike-engined hordes in the 1600 racing class with the Ensign-BDA. The dedicated HSA class enjoyed the best weather towards the end of the meeting, Eric Morrey setting the top pace of the day in the Clan to take the win from Wil Ker (bouncing back after a transmission failure on the Mini turbo in practice) and battling Peugeot duo Chris Flavell and Emerson Kent.

Full report in Speedscene 149.

Championship standings after round 16, Harewood: 1 Scott Moran, 150pts; 2 Martin Groves, 110; 3 Trevor Willis, 103; 4 Roger Moran, 91; 5, Chris Merrick, 84; 6 Paul Ranson, 68; etc.


Trevor Willis boosted his lead in the Avon/BMTR Challenge series with both run-off wins and a 37.71 FTD at Prescott last weekend. Behind the dominant OMS-Powertec driver, this UK Changes Midland Hillclimb Championship event staged a day-long battle between Chris Merrick and Deryk Young that began with a tie for second spot in the opening run-off, before moving up ahead of the absent Scott Moran to take second and third on the Championship table.

            A strong turnout of Richard Egger HSA Speed contenders supported the event, both throughout the classes and in two dedicated classes for B Licence competitors. They figured strongly in the overall results with Gary Hill the outright pacemaker in his OMS-Yamaha, his 43.43 taking outright victory in the 1100cc single-seater class. John Burton and John Opie took on the pre-85 racing cars in their 2-litre Ralt-Vauxhall RT3, with Burton shadowing new Midland Championship leader Peter Cox’s massive Chevron-Rover for second in class, while Opie was eased out of third place by a last run charge from Barrie Lines’ similarly powered Argo JM8. Stuart Cairney took the top Paul Matty Classic Saloon class handicap award in the Imp while in the ultra-competitive 2-litre ModProd sports car class, Chris Jones returned in his Westfield-Vauxhall to take on regular pacemakers Tim Cross and Dave Wilson and finish third in a sixteen-strong class.

            In the equally well supported HSA B Licence road car division, winner Eric Morrey and the Clan outran Championship leader Lyn Padfield’s Lotus Seven by just over half a second, Emerson Kent running a close third in his Peugeot 205 GTi.

            Full report in the next issue of Speedscene.


Malcolm Eaves

I am devastated to report that long standing member 1914 and past HSA committee member Malcolm Eaves was fatally injured in a motor accident last night, returning home from Prescott.

Malcolm regularly competed for 52 years and at the highest level. At Prescott on Saturday he spoke with his customary enthusiasm about how much he was relishing competing with his Lotus Elan twincam after a delayed start to his season.

The HSA Committee wish to extend their deepest condolences to Malcolm’s family and friends. Malcolm was the perfect example of those who make hill climbing the sport we love – his thoughtful and courteous presence brightening any paddock with his enthusiasm, understanding, charm, and quiet support. A true gentleman who all will miss.


Scott Moran set the outright pace at a miserably wet Doune hillclimb, scaling the daunting heights of the Carse of Cambus with a 41.14s FTD to win the second of the day’s two run-offs and extend his lead on the Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb Championship table. Top challenger Martin Groves, who had denied Moran the win in the first run-off, had to settle for third place behind Trevor Willis, the OMS-Powertec driver recovering well from a barrier-swiping incident in the opening shoot-out that had left him with a puncture, a damaged wheel and an eleventh place finish out of the points. But the mistake proved costly for Willis, who lost his second place on the series table to Groves as the defending champion continued his long haul back into 2008 contention.

            After a stunning practice run in the awesome Predator V10 on Saturday, just over half a second outside Groves’ 36.00s outright hill record, Graeme Wight Jr qualified in second place for the opening run-off. Then gearbox problems struck yet again and he finished only ninth before retiring the car. Former Scottish Hillclimb Champion Jonathan Rarity made a fine debut British run-off appearance in his Mark Hutcheson built Ghost-Hayabusa, bringing the diminutive machine, minus bodywork, well into the points each time.

            Full report in Speedscene 149.



Championship standings after round 14, Doune: 1 Scott Moran 134pts; 2 Martin Groves 91; 3 Trevor Willis 89; 4 Chris Merrick 84; 5 Roger Moran 81; 6 Paul Ranson 56; etc.



Llys y Fran 20th July

The Swansea Motor Club would like to extend a welcome to all HSA members for their 20th July Hillclimb at Llys y Fran. An all tarmac paddock and great track in scenic location. Entry forms and a provisional entry list are available on www.swanmoco,co.uk.
Also as always marshals are needed. Anyone who can help, even first timers or drivers who are at a loose end should ring Robert Allender on 01792 791686 or email rob.allender@ntlworld.com



At the MAC organised MIRA round held on Saturday 14th June, a good sized entry of REI/HSA competitors were joined by those contesting the Pirelli Ferrari Hill Climb Championship, The Lotus 7 Club and Ginetta Owners' Club Speed championships and also by Richard Egger himself who mingled and chatted to competitors, organisers and supporters alike.  With the fine morning weather holding into the afternoon, the prospect of some quick times was good, as the first of the road-going classes took to the 1860 yard 'handling and stability circuit' course.  
Steve Lane took the win in the Fiesta from Karl Dickinson in Class A1, unable to close in on Andrew Till's 62.19 set last summer.  Mark Laws was out again in the BMW Mini, and despite making his best ever through the speed trap with 105 mph, was unable to get on terms with Adam Pemble in his Toyota Celica, who was unfortunate to suffer a tyre problem at the end of his second run.  Barbara Fogden continued her excellent form with a second run time within a second of Chris Rogers' HSA MX5 record set last spring.  This secured her the win from Peter Ash and Chris Bound.  Steve Filkin, who last summer improved by just a couple of tenths upon the long-standing class A2 course record set back in August 2004 by Rob Stevens, demolished that improved time to leave it at 54.04.  This now being a full second inside Rob's former class A2 course record. 
John Palmer took the class B1 win with two consistently quick runs, in spite of a blistering second run effort from current champion John Bradshaw in the Sylva Striker that saw him recorded at 118 mph through the speed trap.  Bob and Mike Gale were out double driving the Westfield, with Mike establishing a new PB and registering 117 mph through the trap as he got to within a few tenths of Steve Day's HSA class record. 
With the unfortunate Simon Andrews and Bernard Kevill again non-starters in the MG TF, the continuing three way tussle in C2 between Emerson Kent, Phil Skipp and Chris Flavell continued unabated with all three drivers ending separated by less than a second.  Emerson's second run was particularly good getting to within 4/100ths of Simon Andrews' HSA class record.  However, Mark Ibbotson in class N was unable to continue his record-beating runs from rounds of the championship held at MIRA last season on his way to collecting 7 points. 
Lindsay Mercer produced two good runs in his Radical to re-set the class F HSA record, in addition to recording an excellent second FTD.  This was only bettered by current Midland Hill Climb champion Ash Mason in the Pilbeam.  It was good to see Tracey Williams out in the smaller engined Richard Egger Insurance-liveried Radical as she got to grips with MIRA's testing twists and turns.  The Formula Ford class was a very close call at the top, eventually going to Alex Summers albeit by only a couple of tenths from a hard-trying Darren Gumbley - both drivers circulating within a few tenths of Martin Jones' HSA record set in the summer of 2006.  Brian Ball established the class H time on his way to 8 points, with Kerry Waine taking the J2 points.  Meanwhile with Steve Day non-starting, Paul Tinsley in the Renault-powered Swift produced two superb runs to lower his previous mark by over a second, with both runs under the 47 sec barrier followed in by Martin Jones in the Reynard.  Chris Machell in the supercharged Mygale established the first HSA time at MIRA in class L and Bob and Anne Adams were out again in the Royale. 
In the MAC classic class, (HSA class U, V & W) Hugh Whitcombe in the Mini Cooper 1380cc was having his first ever meeting at MIRA and enjoying every minute of it as his times steadily improved.  Jonathan Plowe, with additional power in the Jensen following winter work, was significantly faster (100+ mph) through the speed trap than at previous meetings, but could not match the pace of Lyn Padfield who after throttle cable problems in practice, couldn't quite match Nick Thompson's 2006 class V HSA record.  Fyrth Crosse set new PBs at the meeting and posted a trap speed of 125 mph on his way to establishing the HSA class W record.  For full details and times information refer to the results page.

Curborough Single Lap Sprint Photographs

An excellent selection of competitors and their cars in action at the recent Owen Motoring Club organised Graham Hill Trophy Sprint at Curborough can now be viewed at yourftd.com.  Please follow the link below to see the galleries which includes competitors from the S&DCC/Lifeline Curborough Championship, the Paul Matty Sports Cars Midland Sprint Championship, AWMMC Championship, The Revington TR and OMC Sprint Championships. www.yourftd.com/

RICHARD EGGER INSURANCE/HSA SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP: ROUND 9 - 8th June 2008 Curborough single lap sprint

Pleasant dry weather greeted REI/HSA competitors to the tricky staffordshire venue as the championship made the customary annual visit to the Graham Hill Trophy Sprint.   With excellent organisation from the Owen Motoring Club and few incidents, three practice runs were made available in addtion to the two all-important timed class runs.  Jeremy Wilson retained the wooden-rimmed BRM steering wheel trophy he won last year with a first run just inside his winning time last summer. He was pushed hard by Craig Bates, with only a hundredth separating their second runs, but Wilson had done enough in the first to secure the win. 
In the road-going classes Steve Lane posted a new HSA class record amongst two consistent runs.  Barbara Fogden continues to impress, running within a second of David Jones' HSA record time on her first class run.  John Palmer's form continues as he took the <1700cc specialist production car win as does Lyn Padfield's who ran inside the HSA record.  David and Adrian Crawley were out for the first time this season in the refreshed Peugeot 205, with Adrian getting in to the 36 sec bracket.  Richard Etheridge in the Subaru also got into the 36s despite not having run at Curborough for a number of years.  In contrast, both Steve Filkin and John Bradshaw were a little off the pace, both seemingly struggling for grip.  Meanwhile in the modified classes the dual driven MG TF of Simon Andrews and Bernard Kevill was once again sidelined with engine problems, having already put in some promising practice times.  This helped Emerson Kent in the Spoox Peugeot to win from Phil Skipp in the Astra with only a 100th separating their second runs. 
Lindsay Mercer ran just over 0.5 sec off the 30 second barrier to take the Radical to the win.  In the 600cc racing car class, Brian Ball sliced another chunk off the HSA record to leave it in the mid-33s with Dave Owen taking the 601-1100 cc win posting a time just over the 30 second mark.  The 1601-2000cc racing car class was finally decided in John Opie's favour following a very close contest with John Burton second and John Wood third; John Wood having recorded two identical times in the Dallara! All three ended separated only by a few tenths.  Latest results are now available - see the results page for full competitor and event analysis.   


1995 British Hillclimb Champion and now triple FIA Touring Car Champion, Andy Priaulx, has been awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in recognition of his outstanding motor racing career. ‘I was very surprised and honoured to receive an envelope with the royal logo on,’ said a delighted Priaulx, whose autobiography will be launched at at the Brands Hatch World Touring Car event on July 26-27. ‘I love my racing and I’m proud to carry the flags of both Guernsey and the UK on my car and overalls, so recognition of this sort is something really special.’

STOP PRESS! Debden July Sprint

Please note that the HCAAC Debden Summer Sprint referred to in earlier news will take place on SUNDAY JULY 13TH and NOT July 19th as previously announced. Apologies for any inconvenience which may have been caused to anyone planning to enter. Supplementary regs and entry forms can still be downloaded via that link.


Scott Moran stretched his British Hillclimb Championship lead at his home hill, Loton Park, with a new outright course record. He carved almost half a second off Adam Fleetwood’s 2004 hill standard and pressurized Martin Groves, still struggling to get back on terms with his 2007 Championship rival, into a mistake during the opening run-off. Groves got two wheels on the grass as the Gould-NME slid sideways out of Keepers on the opening run-off and toured up for a non-scoring twelfth place. He recovered to win the second shoot-out from Moran by a scant hundredth of a second as the Championship leader exited Fallow with an uncharacteristic tailslide, but Scott’s score is now well into three figures with Trevor Willis hanging on to second place, albeit 35 points adrift, with two third place finishes at Loton. Groves is now equal third with Roger Moran, but effectively now has just one ‘life’ left out of the six discardable scores permitted in the 34-round series.

             Another spectacular drive in the Pilbeam-Judd from Jos Goodyear netted a fine second FTD, with second place in the opening run-off. The amazing combination of Robert Kenrick and the tiny Force-Hayabusa got in amongst the big V8s yet again, qualifying with a new class record and running even quicker during the opening run-off – a feat also matched by 2-litre Dallara-Vauxhall driver Paul Haimes, though in a time slower than the 1600cc car!

            A full report will follow in Speedscene.


Championship standings after round 12, Loton Park: 1 Scott Moran, 115pts; 2 Trevor Willis, 80; 3= Martin Groves and Roger Moran, 73; 5 Chris Merrick, 72; 6 Jos Goodyear, 54; etc

Anglesey Track Day 15th June

HSA members are invited to a special track day, organised by the Lancs & Cheshire Car Club,  at the exciting new Anglesey circuit on June 15th. The Coastal circuit will be used for this event and the cost of £145 plus £20 for a passenger or additional driver is very competitive for a week-end day.

This track Day is an ideal opportunity to drive your own car non-competitively round a circuit just for fun; and perhaps get a feel for whether you would enjoy motor sport. So please tell your friends and work colleagues about this great opportunity.

Free tickets may be available on request to Track Day entrants and their families for the Fun Cup Endurance Race the previous day, Saturday 14th June; ask for details.
Entries must be pre-booked from Bob & Jess Yarwood of the Lancashire & Cheshire Car Club on 01270 812083.

A Full Driver’s Briefing will be given at the start and tuition is available on request.

Full details and application form can be downloaded here or by visiting the circuit's web site


Martin Groves continued his fightback into British Championship contention with two run-off wins and another new Shelsley outright record, a tenth inside his October 2007 mark. Championship leader Scott Moran had to be content with the runner-up spot each time, but still enjoys a healthy 31-point series lead over Trevor Willis, whose OMS with its bike-based V8  lost out to the big hitters on Shelsley’s power slopes and ran seventh each time. Groves has now closed to within a point of Willis and with his tally of wins now three to Moran’s five, both with a hill record apiece, the stage is set for a re-run of their tremendous 2007duel for the crown.

 Other run-off highlights included a fine performance from Groves’ co-driver Paul Ranson, who bagged third place each time, and another giant-killing act from Robert Kenrick, who twice qualified the tiny bike-powered 1600cc Force and outpaced the 2-litre Pilbeam and Dallara cars of Tom New and Paul Haimes in both the class runs and the run-offs.

 The usual in-depth event report will follow in Speedscene.


Championship standings after round 10, Shelsley Walsh: 1 Scott Moran, 95pts; 2 Trevor Willis, 64; 3 Martin Groves, 63; 4 Roger Moran, 61; 5 Chris Merrick, 60; 6 Paul Ranson, 40; etc

Debden Sprint July 19th

You can dowload the regs for Herts & Essex''s Debden Sprint on July 19th here. HSA members are invited.

Llandow 19th July - regs & entry form

If you are planning to enter the Richard Egger Insurance/HSA round at Llandow on July 19th here are the regs and entry form.

Although there isn't a box for your HSA Championship registration number just add it along side the other Championships.


Only Trevor Willis was able to deny local hero Basil Pitt his first ever British victory at a wet opening Gurston Down British Championship run-off. After a superb shot by Pitt, it wasn’t until the final run that series second placeman Willis grabbed what was only his own third ever run-off win in the OMS-Powertec. Series leader Scott Moran gambled, and lost, on a choice of slick tyres on the rear of his Gould-NME. Third place was all he could salvage in conditions which, although improving, were still bad enough for the front runners to opt for a full wet setup.

Defending champion Martin Groves continued his run of misfortune with a high speed trip into the Karousel straw bales in qualifying after an optimistically late braking attempt in the wet. It looked game over for the day with a distinctly second-hand front corner, wing and nosebox, but after much frantic work in the paddock Groves and co-driver Ranson brought the rebuilt Gould-NME to the line for the afternoon’s qualifying runs in much improved conditions. This time Groves made no mistake, qualifying top and taking his second win of the year ahead of Moran on a virtually dry track with a time just over a second outside his own hill record.

Despite having, even by his high standards, his worst weekend of the year Moran still enjoys a substantial 21-point lead over Willis on the series table while Groves, in fifth place, still has a lot of work ahead of him to make up the deficit.
A full report will follow in Speedscene.

Championship standings after round 8, Gurston Down: 1 Scott Moran, 77pts; 2 Trevor Willis, 56; 3 Roger Moran, 53; 4 Chris Merrick, 48; 5 Martin Groves, 42; 6 Basil Pitt, 28; etc.


Despite predictions of unsettled weather, competitors at Loton Park were greeted with a full rain-free day.  Although the track was initially slippery following the previous day's rain that had slowed down the TVR, Ginetta and Midland Speed championships, it rapidly dried out enabling a number of championship regulars to record new PBs in both practice and their Class runs.  Amongst those setting their quickest personal times were: Barbara Fogden (Mazda MX5), Steven Filkin (Lotus Elise), Richard Etheridge (Subaru Impreza), Rob Judge (VW Beetle), Chris Bennett (Caterham 7), Eric Morrey (Clan Crusader) and reigning champion, John Bradshaw (Sylva Striker).  First REI/HSA meeting for the double-driven orange Peugeot of Emerson Kent and Chris Flavell saw some spirited driving and some respectable times at only their second visit to Loton.  Notable performances also came from Brian Ball in the Force, getting under the 'magic minute', Simon Teagle (Pilbeam MP62), John Burton and Richard Opie (Ralt RT3), Paul Tinsley (Swift SC93R) who narrowly beat his earlier record set at Round 1 in April and Lyn Padfield (Lotus 7) who re-set the class record set in 2006 by former champion, Sean McClurg.  With this being the championships' second visit to the challenging and picturesque Shropshire venue, the effect of the new scoring system can readily be seen.  See the updated table for full event details and analysis.  


At the end of a busy weekend for British Championship hillclimbers, Scott Moran (pictured - courtesy of www.hedward.com) left the North of England having stretched his Nicholson McLaren series lead to eighteen points over Trevor Willis. After a disastrous weekend at Prescott a fortnight earlier, Martin Groves powered back into contention with the opening run-off win ahead of Moran at Cumbria’s scenic Barbon Manor course on Saturday, later finding a fraction more to lead the second shoot-out with just Moran to run. But the series leader fought back to take the win on the final run of the day, breaking Adam Fleetwood’s 4-year-old hill record by a hundredth of a second. Rival Willis had a fraught opening run-off with sixth place, then driveshaft problems struck and he only just made the cut for the second stanza, finishing third with a spare flange which was already cracked, and which now had to last out the weekend.
Following the overnight trip across the Pennines to Harewood, Groves moved up the table to fourth place after shadowing Moran in the opening run-off, but disaster struck the defending champion once again in the second stanza when fuel feed problems left the Gould to stutter slowly away from line for no score. Moran stormed to a seemingly effortless fifth win (and third FTD) of the year ahead of a stunning drive by Jos Goodyear. After a half-spin in the opening shoot-out had consigned the Pilbeam-Judd driver to ninth, he really flew in the second stanza to chase home the leader. Shunning thoughts of any possible transmission weakness, Willis’s sixth place opener was followed by a back-to-form third, and he heads Roger Moran by a single point to retain his second place on the Championship table.
British Championship standings after Harewood: 1 Scott Moran, 60pts; 2 Trevor Willis, 42; 3 Roger Moran, 41; 4 Chris Merrick, 38; 5 Martin Groves, 32; 6 Deryk Young, 26; etc.
Full report and pictures to appear in Speedscene.


Available from the first transmission date, May 3rd, the first of the ten hour-long hillclimb programmes from Brayspeed to be aired on Motors TV covers the opening round of the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship. All four rounds of the series will be featured on the satellite channel during the year, together with six rounds of the British Hillclimb Championship. The widescreen DVD retails at £15.99 and is available by Email from info@brayspeed.co.uk
For TV timing schedules for this first programme of the series, check  http://www.motorstv.com/car/others/british-hillclimbing


We now believe the scoring is now correct and up to date including round 5 at Wiscombe on April 27th. If you have any queries please contact Peter Hubbard who will be please to investigate.


Scott Moran opened his 2008 Nicholson McLaren British Hillclimb account in style with two straight wins and FTD at Prescott in his Gould-NME GR61X. He goes to the Barbon/Harewood weekend double-header in a fortnight with 20 points in the bag and a four point lead over Trevor Willis, who drove brilliantly in the Powertec bike V8 engined OMS to finish fourth in the opening shoot-out before shadowing Moran in the final stanza.
Defending champion Martin Groves had a torrid weekend dogged by gearbox problems, and after qualifying behind rival Moran could only finish seventh in the opening pre-lunchtime points battle. In the afternoon, co-driver Paul Ranson damaged the suspension during his tyre warm-up and only a frantic wishbone change enabled Groves to bid for a place in the final line-up. But after another second place qualifier, his run-off shot ended in a spin at the Esses to leave his tally for the day at just four points.
British Hillclimb Championship standings after rounds 1 & 2, Prescott: 1 Scott Moran, 20pts; 2 Trevor Willis, 16; 3 Roger Moran, 14; 4=  Deryk Young and Chris Merrick, 12; 6 Rob Turnbull, 10; 7 Basil Pitt, 6; 8= Tom New and Mark Coley, 5; 10  Martin Groves, 4; 11 Robert Kenrick, 3; 12  Oliver Tomlin, 2; 13  Paul Haimes, 1.

Scoring discrepancies

Following the two recent rounds at Wiscombe the results appearing on this web site have a number of discrepancies. We are currently in the process of finding the problem and putting it right.
Once we believe they are correct we will post a note here.
Thank you for your patience.


Despite the best efforts of former Gurston Down Hillclimb Champion Rodney Thorne, Ian Chard took his first ever outright Gurston win in the diminutive, supercharged Jedi-Suzuki from Thorne’s 5-litre V8 Pilbeam-Rover sportscar. A mere tenth of a second split the battling duo at a wet and treacherously slippery event on the fast Wiltshire hill.
Split into two dedicated classes for awards purposes, 25 Richard Egger HSA Speed Championship contenders splashed through the gloom in search of third round points, with Neil Duncanson – no stranger to the fast Wiltshire hill – in charge of the saloon and sportscar group on his effective Audi Quattro. 4WD was a definite advantage in the conditions, track day graduate Richard Colwille chasing hard in his Impreza Estate for second place ahead of former Modsports racer Bob Haigh’s Quattro.
Craig Bates stormed his OMS to the head of the sportsracing and racing division to set the fastest time by an HSA contender at the meeting, but the single seater driver was the only one to shade out Duncanson’s Quattro as James Tearle’s bike-engined Ginetta-Honda and John Burton’s Ralt-Vauxhall battled for second in class. Amazingly, Colwill’s estate car was next up in the overall standings, outrunning David Tearle in the Ginetta.

Full report in the next issue of Speedscene.

Llys y Fran - entries filling up fast

Entries for the popular Welsh hill climb at Llys y Fran are filling up rapidly and the May 11th entry list is already almost half full, and July 20th is already 1/3rd full.

Members/competitors should know that, if they haven't already done so, they need to send in their entries in to Steve Lloyd, 16 Southward Lane, Langland, Swansea, SA3 4QE now if they want to avoid disappointment.

Photos from Curborough April 13th

Rhodopsin have some excellent photos from the recent HSA Championship round at Curborough on April 13th as well as the previous round at Loton Park on April 5th. Call Richard Robotham on 07825 176420 or 07880 811837 for more details and mention that you are a member of the HSA for a discount.
A gallery of Curborough photos by Jerry Sturman will appear on this site shortly.


With a distinct shortage of entries for our first Curborough sprint event of the year, the second round of the HSA’s Speed Championship nearly didn’t happen. But after non-starters had reduced the original field of 50 to just 43, Brodie Branch and Darren Luke staged a great battle in their shared Force-Suzuki for not only FTD but the 1100cc racing car class record. The verdict finally went to Branch (pictured right) after his co-driver had been the first to officially demolish Mark Budgett’s 6-year-old mark, while third fastest overall was 2007 Midland Hillclimb Champion Ash Mason, turning the tables on co-driver Steve Day on their first competitive outing in the ex.Goodyear Pilbeam-Vauxhall MP62.
Defending HSA Champion John Bradshaw in the Striker had to give best to an on-form John Palmer in the 1700 kitcar class, while the star of the class winners’ run-off was Aldon Automotive parts manager Steven Lane in his ‘budget’ Fiesta. One of only two drivers to improve on their target time, Steven pipped Ralt-Vauxhall driver John Burton by just two hundredths to take the award. A full report and pictures will appear in the next issue of Speedscene.

In a hectic schedule for Richard Egger Championship contenders, the next round is scheduled in just 6 days time at Gurston Down hillclimb, meanwhile check the website for the latest HSA Championship positions and results analysis.

Goodwood regs for May 10th

The regulations and entry form for our Championship round at Goodwood on May 10th can be downloaded here.

News of the April 5th Loton Park

Round 1 of the Richard Egger/HSA Speed Championship was held last Saturday the 5th April at Loton Park where despite prophesies of bad weather the day remained dry. After lunch fleeting sunshine saw a dry track with reasonable grip for the time of year. An entry of 30 championship contenders enjoyed good competition with overall class victories for John Bradshaw, Chris Child, Lindsay Mercer, Tony Jarvis, Paul Tinsley, and Geoff Stallard whilst Barbara Fogden was competing in her first competitive event with her Mazda MX5. Full details of the event will appear in the next edition of Speedscene.

The New Season is underway!

I have just entered the lastest entrants into the Championship, ready for scoring the opening event at Loton this weekend and I am pleased to say that there are 91 of us to date.
If you look at the Championship web site you will see a good spread across all class's and I am especially pleased to see 6 in the 600cc Racing Car Class after a couple of years with just 2 of us - and we are from the "Vintage" age group!
The MX5 is well represented as well as the A & B class's.
However there are a few Class's with only the single entry, so maybe these competitors could talk to their known fellow Class competitors and persuade them to enter the Championship?
There are lots of rounds this year and only the 8 best scores count so plenty of time to get some more competitors into the Championship.
Wishing you all a good safe season of racing and lets see if the new scoring system will bring out a deserved recipiant of the Championship Trophy by October.
Peter Hubbard
Championship Liason Officer. 

Closing date for HSA Sprint at Curborough

The closing date for entries to the HSA Sprint at Curborough on April 13th is Monday 31st March so please get your entry in on time.
If you haven't received the regs or an entry form they can be obtained by calling Tony Fletcher on  01562 754243 (office hours only please) 


For its fifth consecutive appearance at Stoneleigh Park’s excellent Race Retro – adjudged by many to be the best yet – the HSA’s stand was once again the focal point and a popular meeting place for hillclimbers and sprinters throughout the three days of the show. For them, and perhaps even more for the uninitiated, the big-screen TV showing a wide range of Brayspeed DVDs throughout the show was a big draw. We had plenty of enquiries from potential hillclimb and sprint competitors who were also well served with copies of Steve Wilkinson and Phil Short’s Hillclimbing and Sprinting – The Essential Manual, with the co-authors on hand to help out on the stand and sell copies of their popular book. This year’s show car was Henryk Koslowski’s successful Jedi-Yamaha which also attracted much interest, and the background shots that decorated the stand came, as ever, from the Midland hills via the lens of Roger McDonald’s antique, but superbly effective Linhof camera.

The HSA would like to thank the many volunteers who set up the stand and who manned it over the three days of the show, which included Tony Bray, Peter Curtis, Grant Cratchley, Henryk Koslowski, Phil Short, Jerry Sturman, Alan Terry, and Steve Wilkinson.

Revised scoring for 2008

As a result of difficulties and shortcomings evident in the previous method of scoring a number of revisions have been introduced for 2008 with the intention of making it fairer, more attractive to competitors, and easier to mark accurately.

Previousl, in order to implement the rule that “All” cars competing in an event should be taken into account in the marking process, it should have been necessary for an “Expert” from the HSA attend each event. They should have technically reviewed each competing car and allocated it to the correct HSA class. Considering the huge variety of cars competing this was a very difficult task, very time consuming and, if one car was incorrectly allocated, all subsequent results became invalid.

Present and previous Co-ordinator decisions to arbitrarily exclude onemake class’s, other Championship class’s, or only take a certain percentage of cars into account, lead to the points allocation being questioned by effected competitors.

Every HSA Competitor enters the Championship for a different reason, some to win at all costs – some to beat friends with a similar car – some to prove to themselves that they are not “Over the Hill” – some just to experience the unique camaraderie of Speed Hill Climbing. Whatever the case, it’s to go up the Hill as quickly as they are able and enjoy themselves.

Therefore we have produced an alternative scoring/marking system that would judge and reward their efforts, and that is to utilise both a Class position and a time based marking system.

Currently points are to be awarded at each event for each HSA Class based on the competitor’s placing among all the event runners eligible for each HSA Class and a bonus point added for setting a new class record.

For 2008 it is proposed to award points based on each competitors placing amongst only the HSA Championship competitors at each event in each class and extend the bonus points awarded to reflect each competitor’s best time when compared to the Championship record time for that Class/Venue.

Competitors will receive place points as follows:

1st         5 points
2nd      4 points
3rd       3 points
4th       2 points
Others  1 point

Note: If there are only two competitors in a Class, the place points will be reduced by one point and if there is only one competitor the place points will be reduced by two points.

Competitors will receive additional time points as follows:

New HSA class record                       5 points
Within 2.5% of existing record            4 points
Within 5.0% of existing record            3 points
Within 7.5% of existing record            2 points
Having recorded a time                     1 point

Note: Percentage times are used to cover all Championship events from 24 seconds at Shelsley to over 70 seconds at some Sprint circuits.

The HSA web site will show for each class and venue the Class record and the 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% times so that competitors will be aware in advance of what times they need to achieve in order to be awarded time points. Scoring will be carried out by entering the best competition time achieved by each HSA competitor at the event and the computer will calculate the place and time points accordingly.

Clearly this method has significantly altered the balance of scoring so that small class numbers are no longer at a disadvantage. Indeed, where there is only one competitor in a class either in the championship or at an event they will automatically receive 3 points for coming first. However, in order to get a good points score from an event they will also need to perform against the clock. In a well-supported class those competitors coming 4th or 5th will receive low place points but can add to their score if their times are competitive.

If an event is wet for both timed runs then, of course the time points will be harder to achieve but that is something we have to accept.

If a new venue is added to the calendar or a Class record does not exist for a venue, then the HSA Class records will be retrospectively set as the winning time in each class and then scored as usual. This means that all class winners will get 10 points, if sufficient entries, which should encourage attendance at new venues.


  • The method is simple and easy to understand
  • Accuracy and confidence in the marking will be greatly improved
  • All competitors will have an equal chance in the Championship
  • Each competitor can work out his score at the end of his last run
  • The scoring is not dependent on any other non HSA Championship competitors entered
  • The marking can be almost fully automated

The Committee is also looking at the other wording of the Rules and will apply some reality to other misnomers: what is a “Competitor” or a “Starter” and will issue a full “In Depth” resume of interpretations prior to the start of the season.

The HSA has listened to all competitors comments during 2007, so please give the resultant changes a chance of improvement during 2008, if problems arise, please contact the Championship Co-ordinators to resolve any issues.

Peter Hubbard
Championship Assistant Co-ordinator

See the HSA at Race Retro

The HSA will be at Race Retro at Stonleigh from the 14th to the 16th March.
We can be found on stand A50 at the end of 'Speed Street' in Hall2. Drop by for a chat if you are attending.

Werrington regs published

Although the REI/HSA Speed Championship won't be visiting Werrington this year due to clashing dates at Shelsley Walsh we do hope to return in the future and any HSA member wishing to make the trip this year will be pleased to learn that the HSA is an invited club.
The regulations for the 3rd and 4th of May events can be found here

Regs for Anglesey rounds published

The regulations for our two rounds of the REI/HSA Speed Championship at Anglesey on 30 and 31 August have just been published and can be downloaded here.
Anyone interested in taking part is advised to get there entries in immediately as the event is likely to be well over subscribed and are handled on a first come first served basis.

Inaugural Regional meeting

 We will be holding an informal meeting for HSA members in the South West at the Cross Hands hotel and pub on the A46 at Old Sodbury South Gloucestershire from 7:00 pm on Thursday March 20th.

At least two committee members (Fyrth Cross and Chris Bennett) will be present and we are using this event to gauge the level of interest in the ‘regional meeting’ concept, particularly in the close season. If the idea is popular we hope to extend it to other regions and make it a regular feature.

The Cross Hands is conveniently located just off Junction 18 of the M4 and only about 15 minutes from Junction 14 of the M5.

Regs for April Wiscombe rounds published

"I am pleased to advise you that the SRs for Woolbridge at Wiscombe hill climbs are now on the Woolbridge website, www.woolbridge.co.uk

Please go to the calendar page and scroll down to 26 and/or 27 April 2008 where you will find the SRs and entry forms.
Please read the SRs before filling in your entries, don’t forget to sign the reverse and please note, one cheque for both is quite acceptable if entering both days.

 I look forward to seeing you at the event


Gwyneth Wright
Secretary of the Meeting"


The permit for the 2008 Richard Egger Insurance/HSA Speed Championship has now been issued and the regulations and entry form can be downloaded here.

Discounts from Opie Oils for HSA members

Opie Oils have been Distributing Performance Oils for more than 12 years now and have an internet based Club Discount Scheme which can be used by HSA members. They offer oils and other performance products at substantial savings over high street prices and currently stock major brands including Silkolene, Castrol, Motul, Redline, Amsoil, Mobil, Fuchs, Denso, Brembo, Splitfire and Purolator.
They offer a free “recommend me an oil” service for those users that would like a bespoke recommendation but their product finders cater for most types of unmodified vehicles. Their website has a Club Members Section where there are large discounts and regular special offers.
The prices in the Club Members section are up to 17.5% cheaper than our normal prices and there are further “specials” on top.
Go to www.opieoils.co.uk to create an account. Select 'The Hillclimb and Sprint Association' from the pull down list of clubs and enter your membership number to create your account.

On-line entries for Gurston Down

From the start of the 2008 Season it will be possible to enter and pay for meetings at Gurston via the Internet.   Using this method is very much encouraged by the organisers and there is no extra charge to the competitor – they will absorb the bank fees. The reasons for doing this are to save a large volume of paper and cost of printing and postage.
Find out more by visiting www.gurstondownentries.co.uk/

New web site for Swansea Motor Club

The Swansea motor Club have just set up a new website for the club at http://www.swanmoco.co.uk

It is up and running already and they will be loading on the Llys y Fran entry forms when they are ready, so competitors can download them and help save  printing & postage, which will help them try to keep costs under control, which will benefit entry fees. (Dont worry they will still post out to those who need it)

Speedscene's own web site launched

The HSA's magazine SPEEDSCENE, the only one in the UK to cover Hillclimbing and Sprinting, now has its own web site at www.speedscene.co.uk where you will be able to access news items, the current issue, an archive of previous issues as well as subscribe, renew and buy back issues.
Its very much work in progress at the moment so keep visitng the site during the year to see how it develops.

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